Dogs Watching the Bunny Show & Gearing Up for a New Project

Sheba watching a bunny

Sheba watching a bunny

When Sheba was younger she would not stay in the yard.  So I used a radio collar on her to limit her wandering.  She learned that the bunnies were always out of reach, so eventually gave up chasing them.  She no longer wears the collar, and once in a while she will chase bunnies into the woods.  But it amuses me that both of the dogs will often just watch them for entertainment.

Sheba watches, but Sunny pays no attention

Sheba watches, but Sunny pays no attention.

The other day Ron and I were laughing at what kind of dog we have that won’t chase rabbits when I starting singing, “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog.  You ain’t never caught a rabbit; you ain’t no friend of mine.”  😀

The dogs lose interest

The dogs lose interest

The bunny is still there after the dogs have moved on

The bunny is still there after the dogs have moved on

I’m gearing up to replacing the Casita’s translucent door window with a clear, smoked glass, opening window.  I am really looking forward to being able to open it for added ventilation, and having another window to enjoy the view through. 

And it will be especially nice to be able to see who is at the door when I hear a knock!


Camping Next Week!

I just made our reservations for the R. Shaefer Heard COE campground at West Point Lake. It looks like our site will have a panoramic view of the huge lake. We will be leaving July 7 for 8 days.

I can’t wait!

We got new all terrain tires on the truck today.  Lack of traction had been a real problem at some of the places we have taken the camper.  So these should have plenty of grip without being too bumpy or noisy on the road.

soot on the inside of our screen room

The result of using a citronella torch inside the screen room

We do have to clean our screen room.  We used a citronella torch inside to help discourage bugs on our last few camping trips.  It worked, but now we have a cleaning job to do.  I plan to spray it with Greased Lightning and hose it down, and hope it takes the worst of the soot off.

I unsuccessfully looked for mushrooms again today.  The rain we got was apparently not sufficient to make them pop up.

Maybe we will hit another mushroom bonanza on our camping trip like we did on the last one.

I’ll close with pictures of flowers I took in the yard today.

peach colored gladiola

Gorgeous colors!

pink gladiola

These gladiolas are volunteers from last years bulbs that were not lifted over the winter.

unsprayed roses

These roses have never been sprayed, yet are almost bug free. Amazingly, the Japanese beetles have found the blackberries, but haven't touched the roses.

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