Merry Christmas!

The Mystery of the Christmas Star - by Digistar  --

The Mystery of the Christmas Star – by Digistar —

….Let’s revisit the Matthew story now with the historical and geographical context in mind.

The Magi ride in, emissaries from a kingdom about a thousand times bigger than Herod’s (a kingdom, which, BTW, had less than 40 years before had snatched the kingdom of Israel away from his father).

The Magi, who BTW, in Parthia were the committee who selected the next King.

The magi ride in, and they ask Herod, whom the Roman Senate had named “King of the Jews”, a single question:

Where is the one “born King of the Jews?”

Herod’s worst nightmare. No wonder he was disturbed. And all Jerusalem with him, because it looked, no doubt, like another coup on the horizon.

And really, it was another coup on the horizon. But not the kind they might have expected. Not a coup of the flesh, but of the spirit.

“For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

The baby Jesus.

O Come Let us Adore Him!


by Wendy Wippel




Stephen Foster Festival of Lights & Craft Village

I don't have words for the stunning beauty and elegance of the intricately lit trees. The dark areas are where hanging Spanish moss obscures the light.

We went to the Festival of Lights at Stephen Foster Memorial State Park in White Springs, Florida this evening.

I’ve seen a lot of Christmas light displays, but the emphasis on the stunning forms of the huge old Live Oak trees with countless intricately woven lights is beyond my ability to describe.

Craft Village is a series of small buildings where live demonstrations of different crafts are presented.  During the Festival, these buildings are decorated to the hilt for Christmas.  We wandered through the shops, watching the demonstrations and admiring the quality, hand crafted merchandise offered for sale.

Palm tree

Free popcorn, hot chocolate, and marshmallows with skewers for toasting were available to everyone.  Amazing, since admission was only $2.00 per person!

There was also a music program which we missed because we weren’t sure where it was supposed to be.  But we greatly enjoyed the sound of Christmas carols pealing from the bells in the carillon tower.

I was told that the Festival will run every night through January 1, except December 25 and 26.  So if you are in the area, don’t miss this wonderful, unique presentation!



The blacksmith shop was the only one that was not staffed.

Tree and bell tower

The free popcorn station

The aromatherapy shop

A craft village shop

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