Solo Van Camping


Gail’s campsite at Wolf Creek near Livingston

My sister Gail is really getting into this solo camping thing!  She is finding her trips alone to be very therapeutic.  It seems to be adding a nice balance that improves every aspect of her life.

There are steps down to the water with a white sandy bottom that is perfect for swimming.

She plans to go camping every other weekend.  But since she also really enjoys having hubby along, they have a deal.  He gets to go with her every other trip!  😀

He is taking vacation next week, so they plan a longer trip up to visit their new grand baby.  They plan to camp a couple of days going up there, visit the kids, then reserve another few days for themselves on the way back home.

Another view of her campsite

Another view of the water



She says her new independence spices up their marriage, too!  Who’d a thunk running away from home could provide so many benefits!

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