Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, and thanks to you readers who made 2011 such a rewarding blogging year!

We had planned to go to a music jam last night to play and sing in the new year, but neither Ron nor I felt up to it.  So we stayed home.  Ron did crosswords and I picked up my long neglected doily (even though I said I wasn’t going to) and started tatting the final round.

Today I didn’t feel up to par, so that explains why I felt too tired to go anywhere last night.  Oh well…it’s nice to stay home and just BE sometimes!

I had planned to winterize the Casita yesterday, but went out to turn on the water heater bypass and discovered ours didn’t have one!  That meant I had to go back to Walmart and buy more RV antifreeze, because the water heater has to be full before you can pump the antifreeze into the water lines.  I might could have gotten away with 8 gallons, but bought 9 just to be safe.

Anyway, now our water system is protected down to 40 below!  Since tomorrow night is supposed to get down to 18 F, that ought to take care of it!

Next year we will definitely have a hot water bypass installed!

The people who originally bought our Casita obviously had never owned an RV before.  They ordered it without a roof vent or water heater bypass!

Since the RV place I used to take our Aliner to was largely responsible for its demise due to shoddy and incomplete work, I’m planning to wait until we go to Texas next winter and have Little House Customs put in a roof fan and the water heater bypass.   They are former Casita fulltimers and know these little units inside and out and have a superb reputation for quality work.  My Casita is worth waiting for them!

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