Deck Refinishing Schedule Switch

I have looked everywhere for the roll-on Pro-Deck the roofing contractor told me about.  I can’t find it.  The only Pro-deck I can find online is one that you lay fiberglass matting down and roll some kind of resin over.  That’s too big a learning curve for me right now and I don’t want to tackle it.

Rustoleum Restore

Rustoleum Restore

So I went to Home Depot this afternoon and got brochures for Rustoleum Restore and Behr Deckover.

I trust the Rustoleum name much more than the Behr name.  Behr’s deck sealers have been non-ending disappointments to me, as they wear off, then have to be cleaned off before putting on more that will look awful in another year.

But the Rustoleum Restore has a horribly rough finish that I don’t think I could live with.  I’ve read reviews that say it is very hard to clean and that if you move a piece of furniture over it, it will scratch the coating down to the bare wood.  Dog claws can apparently scratch it off, too.

Behr Deckover

Behr Deckover

The Behr Deckover is an acrylic with a much finer non-slip texture.  Reviews are mixed.  Apparently if you carefully prepare the surface, some people have great luck with it.  Others (who maybe didn’t prepare the surface well?) say it’s horrible and doesn’t last.

However, at this point it really doesn’t matter, because which ever product I choose has to be applied to dry wood.  And this has been a very soggy year with no signs of it drying out enough for me to feel confident the wood would get dry enough.  Especially the back deck which does not get full sun.



So I refuse to go to all the trouble to prepare and redo the decks unless I have decent weather conditions.  I’ve redone that job too many times already.

So I think I’m going to switch gears and maybe start inside the house.  They are saying that the wet weather is here to stay for a while.  So it might be early next year before conditions are dry enough to refinish the decks with what hopefully will be a semi-permanent finish.  There will be more cracks to fill in, but if the job will last, it’s worth waiting to do.

So I think I’ll start planning to redo the small bathroom first.  Since it’s small, I can learn from my mistakes without spending so much on material.  Then I can put that experience to use in the big bathroom.

I’d much rather be camping!  🙂

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