Our First Rally — Cherokee, NC

A few of the little fiberglass eggs at the rally

It is so much fun to be camping with so many other little fiberglass trailers.  I’m not sure how many are here, but I would guess a couple of dozen.

The little stream behind our trailer

I finally got to meet several people who I had known as just usernames on the fiberglass boards.  Lynne, whose blog I love following, and her husband David.  Jean, who travels with her two small dogs and has done so many fantastic mods, Wilco (Steve) who is as much fun in person as he is on the boards, along with lots of others whose names kind of run together for me right now.  I’ll try to get them straight tomorrow.  🙂

Joe fishing for trout

Tomorrow is the Egg Parade, where we get to see the interiors of everyone else’s trailers.  I got a sneak peek inside Lynne’s beautiful little 16′ Casita today (which made me realize how much I really miss a dedicated dinette), a gorgeous Scamp 13 Deluxe and a 13′ UHaul with a fireplace today.   So I can’t wait to see inside the others!

…and three trout

There’s a crystal clear, bubbling stream running a few feet behind our trailer.  It’s a happy, peaceful background sound.  I wish it was warm enough to sleep with our windows open so we could listen to it at night when we are inside.

The high point of our day was following Lynne and David to a nearby waterfall.  I had Sheba pull me up the steep steps to the short trail to the waterfall, which made the climb a lot easier. 🙂

Our biggest problem has been controlling Sheba when she is around other people.  She insists on lunging toward — and jumping on — every person who gets within leash range.  Holding her back is a major job.  It will be a relief when she outgrows puppyhood!

The waterfall

Lynne and David

… and Sunny and I

High Falls State Park, GA

High Falls, GA

High Falls

We spent the night of August 30 at High Falls State Park in Georgia.  We had stayed here before in the River Campground, but had never stayed in the smaller Lake Campground.

It’s a beautiful campground right by the day use area and the waterfall.  They have a pool, miniature golf course, playground, and picnic areas–all beautifully scenic.

our campsite

Our campsite

The lake campground accommodates smaller rigs, but the pads are laid out at a 90 degree angle to the road.  Very difficult to back into, especially since there are deep ditches on both sides of most of the driveways.  But once we were in, it was worth it.

I was intrigued by the rental yurts.  The camp host gave me permission to take photos of the interior of the only one that wasn’t occupied at the time.

The area is so beautiful that we plan to stop on the way back from Florida and spend a few more days here.

Another view of our campsite

Another view of our campsite

Plants growing at base of waterfall

Plants clinging to rocks at the base of the waterfall

The rapids downstream of the falls

The rapids downstream of the falls

Walking toward the falls

Sunny and Ron walking toward the falls

The playground

Ron and Sunny walking toward the playground

The lake

The lake

Yurts for rent

Yurts for rent

Yurt interior

Yurt interior

Bunks in yurts

Bunks in yurts

yurt opening skylight

Yurt opening skylight with ceiling fan

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