Getting Ready to Go

Here’s an updated look at the weather forecast for the Augusta area.  We’ll be camping the whole week, from Sunday until Sunday.  It looks like we will have some rain, so we’ll take books and tatting along with our laptops to keep us entertained.  It also looks like the evenings will be good camp fire weather.

We got the camper dewinterized and the water system sanitized yesterday.  I’m still working on the liners for my storage baskets.

I also repainted the stove cover in the Casita yesterday.  It had some scuffs and some rust starting to develop.

I’d like to get all the packing finished today except for the food.  Then we can go grocery shopping tomorrow.  That way we should have a leisurely departure Sunday morning.

New Owner Maintenance

Today we sanitized the Casita’s water system.  We drained the old water out, mixed bleach with fresh water, filled the water tank, ran it through all faucets and the toilet, then let it stand for 4 hours and drained it again.

The water heater had quite a buildup of minerals in it, so next we ran a vinegar solution through the system and turned on the water heater.  When the water was hot, I turned it off and am letting that solution dissolve the minerals overnight.  (Kind of like running vinegar through your coffee maker to remove mineral buildup.)

Tomorrow morning we will drain that and flush with fresh water, then we should be good to go with fresh, clean water in the tank.

We also leveled the trailer so I could turn on the refrigerator.  I’m sure it will need some tweaking, as the previous owner had the setting on 5, which indicates it wasn’t cooling as well as it should.  But there are so many fixes detailed on the Casita Forums, from removing oxidation from contacts, to tightening fittings that have worked loose, to angling a baffle so air flows properly over the coils, and so on, that I am sure I can get it operating at proper temperature.  I dealt with those same issues on the Aliner.

Next I want to give it a good deep cleaning… then next week start on the twin bed mods.

I’m planning to do everything so that they can easily be undone and the trailer restored to original configuration in the event we sell it some day and the buyer prefers to have it look as it did when it came from the factory.  I’ll carefully store the tables and cushions in the house.

The little Casita is really starting to feel like OURS now.  It feels like it has been such a long wait for her, and we just feel better and better about our new little mini motel on wheels!

Texas Next Week

It is COLD here.  Tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 27, with a low of 14.  I’m sure it doesn’t sound cold to a lot of you, but as a Florida native living in Georgia, it’s brutal!

We are planning to visit my sister and brother-in-law in Texas next week.  We plan to leave Sunday the 19th and make a leisurely trip of it.  I talked to my sister yesterday and she said it was 75 degrees there!

So we will de-winterize the Aliner’s water system after we get on the road and into warmer temperatures.  If we can, we’ll do it at a campground.  If not, we’ll just wait until we get to Gail’s house.

We’ll be driveway camping while we are there.  Fortunately it’s okay where she lives!

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