Found the Leak & Improvising

No pictures today due to bad cell reception.  Instead of 4G I’m getting 1x if I get anything.  Voice phone calls work sometimes and sometimes they don’t.  So you’ll have to use your imagination to picture our day.  🙂

I pulled everything out of cupboards yesterday, anywhere there was a pipe joint.  I wrapped toilet paper around each one so that a drop of water would be visible.  And then I waited.  There was nothing even damp in the area I had found the water.

So then I went outside to see if the pressure relief valve was leaking.  It was bone dry.

But, in the lower left hand corner of the water heater cover there was a puddle, along with a visible spot of water on the concrete below.

So I pulled everything out of storage underneath Ron’s bed, and discovered the bottom of a cardboard box was wet.  Uh oh.  I stuffed toilet paper everywhere to hunt for leaks, and felt all around the water heater.  It also was dry.  Then I went outside and opened the storage door by the water tank and felt around.  Again, everything was dry.

Then I noticed that the wet cardboard box I had pulled from under Ron’s bed box smelled like urine.  Light started to dawn.

Sunny is getting incontinent and can’t make it through the night anymore, apparently.  I guess I’ll get some puppy pads and hope he will go on them.

Later, after running the pump and checking all my toilet paper indicators, I couldn’t find a hint of a leak.  So I went back to the site of the original leak, and smelled.  It was urine that had run along the cabinet to puddle under the dog food.

I had been wanting to rearrange my storage areas but had been putting it off.  Since everything was out and piled on Ron’s bed, this was the perfect opportunity.  I thoroughly cleaned the floor and started repacking.  And I really love my new arrangement.

But there was still the water heater leak to worry about.  When we checked it this morning, it was dry and the spot on the ground had evaporated.  Apparently it was condensation after all!

I still have some toilet paper wrapped around pipe joints and will check them often until I’m sure that Sunny is the only culprit.

When I dug all the food out, I rediscovered I had brought along quinoa and red lentils.  They have to be rinsed before using, and I had left my sieve at home because it was too big for the trailer’s silverware drawer.  But now I need one.

So I started thinking of what I could use as a sieve instead of buying another one and worrying about finding a place to store it.  And then it hit me.  Our coffeepot has the permanent filter that we just wash and reuse.  It could also hold small amounts of quinoa or red lentils while I ran water over them.  Problem solved!

After getting all the storage areas cleaned and organized last night, it’s Casita cleaning day today.

Ron is doing laundry and I’m getting ready to vacuum the A/C filter, the screens and the screens on the fans.  Also, our blinds have picked up a lot of grit from leaving the windows open and running the fan.  I can’t take them down and clean them properly, but I can at least vacuum them.

We’ll be heading back to Ocean Pond tomorrow.  Mike and Gail are both sick and in bed with bad colds.  Hope we can avoid catching them.  In any case, I need to be near them while I can.

Tonight I’ll address the Christmas cards I thought I had left at home.  I found them also  while hunting for leaks.  🙂




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