Poliglow is Finished — and Dog Digging Foil

The trailer is so shiny that you can't really tell where the grass reflection ends and the trailer begins!

I got the PoliGlow right on the bottom of the trailer.  No bubbles, just tough. clear shine!  The reason it worked better on the bottom than on the top is that I did away with the applicator that came with the PoliGlow.  Instead I used a synthetic chamois.  It held the perfect amount of water and I  could maneuver it exactly where I wanted it.

What a difference in ease of use and quality of application.  I was so pleased that I may strip the the top next fall and redo it like I did the bottom!

No dig dog pen!

Sheba has become a digger extraordinaire when I put her outside in her playpen.  I had almost given up on my plan to take the playpen to help contain the dogs when we are camping.  It would be a pain to have to keep them on leash with us all the time.  But today I had a brainstorm.  I found some hardware cloth in the shed.  I put it down, then anchored the pen over it.  It works!

They were outside with me the whole time I was working on the trailer today, safely contained and able to enjoy the goings on!

That roll of hardware cloth will ride in the truck along with the pen whenever we go camping now.  What a lifesaver!

Mods, Another Valance & Packing to Go

The new carbon monoxide and smoke detector

I got the new carbon monoxide and smoke detector installed today.  It was a lot larger than the original smoke detector, and wouldn’t fit in the same spot.  So I mounted it on the rear side of the wall divider.

Also, the previous owner had installed a paper towel holder over the dinette.  Since I’ve changed it to a sofa bed, it really looked funny there.  So I removed it (including the two HUGE screws the previous owner screwed into the fiberglass) and moved it to the right of the stove where I had mounted my dish towel rods.

I couldn’t find a really good place for the dish towel rods.  I finally settled on the right edge of the kitchen backboard.  When I raise the stove cover for cooking, the towel rods will swivel out behind it so they will be protected from possibly catching fire.

The rear valance is up.

AND…. I got the rear valance hung.  I am so glad to have it done!  I’ll get the two small window valances done when we get back from our trip.

Today I turned the refrigerator in the Casita on so it can cool all day tomorrow.  Also, it’s supposed to get down to 27 tonight.  Since we de-winterized the water system again yesterday, I’ll leave the heat running in the trailer all night with cupboard and bathroom doors open.  That should let plenty of heat reach all the water lines.

Rear valance closeup

Paper towel holder mounted to the right of the stove hood with kitchen towel rods below

Removed the paper towel holder from above the sofa bed

So we’ll get the trailer packed tomorrow and head south Tuesday morning.  We are really looking forward to getting out again!

Custom Coffee Shelf for the Casita!

Custom coffee shelf for the Casita

No more knocked over coffee cups!

After knocking a cup of coffee over in bed the last time we were out in the Casita, I decided I really needed a little window mounted coffee shelf.

So I posted on the Casita Forum asking Rob (who is known for his superb Casita mods) for ideas on how to build a small, stable window shelf.

Instead of answering me, he wrote me that he would build one for me, and asked how I envisioned the shelf and what dimensions I wanted it to be.

Casita Mod -- small coffee table

The shelf couldn't possibly be more perfect for me!!!

Since I wasn’t sure how to draw or describe the shelf, I told Rob that it needed to hold a coffee cup and a ballpoint pen, and to use his best judgment on how to build it.

Today I got the shelf in the mail, and it is beyond my wildest expectations.  A truly thoughtful touch is that the surface where the cup sets is white Formica, so I won’t even have to use a coaster on it.

Despite his expert instructions on how to install it, I screwed up the first time.  But Rob very patiently told me how to realign the shelf and angle the screws to make it a perfect fit.

Custom shelf Casita mod

Perfect little bedroom!

I truly don’t have words to describe how much I love and appreciate this little shelf.  I think it is probably the most wonderful gift I’ve ever received….  it was designed for the little Casita that I love by a master craftsman with his own hands… solely because he wanted to do it!!!

I wanted to do something special for Rob and Linda to show my appreciation, but they said no.  They said do something special for someone who is not expecting it…. Pay It Forward.

I have the blinds down for cleaning, but when they are re-installed they will cover the shelf mount when the shelf is removed for storage.

I’m stumbling for words right now and they won’t come.  So I’ll just sign off and post the pictures for you to enjoy!  🙂

This shows the latch on the bottom that holds the pegs into the base.

The pegs slide into the holes in the base, then the base is locked to the shelf

The shelf base is mounted to the window frame

When I reinstall the blinds, they will cover the shelf mount during the day when the shelf is not in use.

The shelf is stored in an overhead cabinet when not in use.



Looking Brighter

I’ve been able to sell several things on Craigslist, including a glass kiln and accessories, so will have more to spend on a camper.  Maybe even a decent Casita!

I have another WTB ad up on Craigslist.  And am busy photographing my solar panel, controller, hydroponics reflector and ballast to sell to put into the new camper fund.

This is exciting!  Our little fiberglass travel trailer is really going to happen!  🙂

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