Ft. Pickens

On Ft. Pickens Road - taken through truck windshield

On Ft. Pickens Road – taken through truck windshield

I learned something new about making reservations today.  Normally when I reserve a site online, I list my equipment as a 17′ trailer.  Every campsite I’ve done that with before has included space for the tow vehicle.

Our campsite

Our campsite

Not this time.  We’re in Loop D — the tent/popup camper section.  I chose this site because the photo on the net showed it as being large and private – which it is.  But the driveway is just long enough for the Casita.  The truck extends over halfway across the street when hitched!  So we had to move the truck across the loop to an overflow parking area.  Next time I’ll say I have a 30′ rig.

Behind our campsite

Behind our campsite

And for the second time in a row, I chose a site that faces directly into the setting sun, rendering our awning useless in late afternoon.  Very fortunately, there is a dense stand of shrubs on the west side of our site that gives plenty of shade to sit in, though.

I was just crushed that I wasn’t able to get out and see more today.  But 4 hours riding in the truck with a 40 pound dog in my lap aggravated my hips to the point that I am hobbling.

My 40 pound lapful!  :)

My 40 pound lapful! 🙂

I tried to walk a short trail this afternoon, and had only gotten a few yards out of our loop when I had to turn back.  It was just a little too painful.  I expect that a good night’s sleep on a comfortable bed will go a long way toward easing that situation.

Our site apparently has a resident armadillo.  I am not thrilled with the situation.  It drives the dogs crazy, and the armadillo is so accustomed to people and pets that he has no fear of them.  I just hope he continues to keep his distance.

The resident armadillo in front of our hedge.

The resident armadillo in front of our hedge.

I’m hoping I will have a lot more to share with you tomorrow.  🙂




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