The Sun Finally Came Out!


This photo was taken last week at Trimble Park, but I loved it in the evening sun so am posting it here.

This photo was taken last week at Trimble Park, but I loved the Spanish moss in the late afternoon sun so much that I am posting it here today.

We made it okay Saturday without hookups.  But we were getting tired of having to watch every light, use of the fan, use of the furnace, and use of our computers during the nonstop rain.  Our solar panel did charge a little under the leaden skies, but not enough to keep up with our usage.  It was muggy inside the Casita and we felt miserable and sticky.  So we decided to try to get a water and electric site.

A water only site

A water only site

Mike and Gail called us early Sunday to say, “One is leaving!  Get down here as fast as you can!”

So I threw everything off the TV shelf and counter onto the beds and we got the trailer hitched in record time.

It was good that we got that slot because we were in for two more days of nonstop rain.  I felt sorry for people who were parked in the water only sites.  They cruised through our loop several times a day hoping for an opening with power.  But not one other rig left.  All the people are here through Thanksgiving.

Our site

Our site

Many of the campers are local who have been coming here for years.  Apparently it used to be a primitive hunt camp.  But in 2001, they ran electricity and improved the campsites.  (Or so we were told.)

It amazes me that the spaces here are so huge.  They could easily get 4 or 5 times as many rigs in here.  But they have elected to keep it spacious and beautiful.  So the lucky people who do get sites here have beautiful vacation settings.

Our front yard is nicely screened from the road.

Our front yard is nicely screened from the road.

Gail, Mike, Ron and I are planning to barbeque huge slabs of ribs tomorrow for Thanksgiving.  They put up their screen room this evening.  They are planning to put plastic panels over it so we can run a heater in it tomorrow because it’s going to be cool.

But next week it’s supposed to warm up and we’ll have days in the 70’s again.

A cool mushroom --  Spongipellis pachyodon

A cool mushroom — Spongipellis pachyodon

We plan to leave here Dec. 2 and go camp down south again.  Then we’ll come back and camp with Mike and Gail again.  They should be able to move into their new house the middle of January.

I did have to break one of my cardinal rules — no cooking in the Casita.  The weather has been too raw to cook outside.  Tonight I was able to grill pork chops outside, but since I broke my rule during the rainy days, it was just easier to warm green beans and cook pan cornbread inside this evening.

I do hold the stove cover straight up to the hood with magnets and run the exhaust fan.  I figure that will keep steam and any grease off the carpeted walls.  I hope!

A primitive site

A primitive site

Sheba checking out flooded ditches

Sheba checking out flooded ditches

The lighting on this picture is awful.  But it's Sheba in the cypress swamp by the primitive section.

The lighting on this picture is awful. But it’s Sheba in the cypress swamp by the primitive section.

Cooking inside the Casita

Cooking inside the Casita

sunset magic

Golden sunset magic




Thanksgiving & Experiments

For culinary use only  :)

For culinary use only 🙂

We had a lovely, peaceful, sweet Thanksgiving Day today.  Just Ron and I and the dogs.  It’s the first time we haven’t shared the holiday with the family in years.  But we are looking forward to spending Christmas with Gail and Mike.

I decanted my cayenne and ginger infused oils today.  The cayenne is fiery.  The flavors are intense.  I can’t wait to cook with them!

However, I rubbed a bit of the cayenne oil on my arthritic thumb joint to test the effect, and — nothing.  No effect whatsoever.  My thumb didn’t even get warm.  So my hopes for using the oils in a home arthritis remedy were dashed.

I did read some extremely encouraging news on the use of frankincense and myrrh to relieve joint pain, reduce inflammation and improve mobility:

Here are pertinent snips:

There have been more than 20 scientific studies carried out on these two ingredients in the past 15 years for the treatment of arthritic and other inflammation, the most recent of which was this year at the Indira Gandhi Medical College at Nagpur in India.

…The study noted that those applying the extract to the skin reported up to 70 per cent better mobility in their knee joints and a 50 to 60 per cent decrease in knee-joint swelling. In addition, the frequency of the swelling was significantly reduced.

…Another study, carried out last year at the Institute of Pharmacology at the University of Tubingen in Germany, found that commiphora molmol (myrrh) extract was found to have significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects when used on localised acute and chronic inflammation in rheumatoid arthritic patients.


Sunny and Sheba enjoying turkey, dressing and giblet gravy.

Sunny and Sheba enjoying turkey, dressing and giblet gravy.

The only problem is that frankincense is expensive, and good quality, uncut myrrh is off the charts.

I do have 1 oz. of frankincense, and have 1/3 oz. of myrrh on order just to experiment with.  I hope I can concoct something that will help a little, anyway.

If not, it’s been entertaining.  Expensive entertainment, though!  🙂

Busy Day Today

Sulfur soap, Christmas shoe boxes, and food for church Thanksgiving baskets

Had a busy day today–for me, anyway!

Saw the dentist, and got great news from him.  He told me to keep on whatever I am doing because my teeth looked great.   That was a major relief because my gums were not doing too well until I bought a Waterpic and started using it every day.

Then we went to dinner, then shopping for Operation Christmas Child and the church’s Thanksgiving baskets for needy families.

I also made some sulfur soap–melt and pour castile base with sublimed sulfur  and LOTS of coconut oil added, along with a little stearic acid to keep it from melting so fast.  I use the sulfur soap to help soothe my eczema during the winter months, and the added coconut oil keeps it from drying my skin out.

And I continued working on another cross bookmark from Lene Bjorn’s Tatted Bookmarks book, although I still have a bit to do on it.  I did enjoy having the tatting along to occupy me while I waited to see the dentist.  Love the fact that it’s such a portable craft.  And I must admit that I do love it when people comment on how beautiful the work is.  🙂

Tomorrow I’ll get start cleaning and packing the Aliner for our trip south on Friday.  We must get Sunny to the groomer, too, before we leave.


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