Tame Deer & a Teeny Tiny Campfire

Our teeny, tiny campfire!

At first Sunny and Sheba would bark their heads off when they saw the tame deer that roam the campground.  Now they are getting used to them.   Sunny will usually give one yip to

A deer across the street from our campsite

alert us that the deer are close, and Sheba will softly woof a few times.  Then they both settle down to watch the deer doggie entertainment show.  They are, of course, tied up, or else the chase would be on!

We had planned to go swimming while we were here.  But when Ron started setting up the fabric kennels, he discovered that Sheba had chewed the nylon zipper of hers to shreds.  No way could we zip the door closed.  She had chewed Sunny’s a while back, but since Sunny is not an escape artist, we were able to close the door enough to keep him contained.

No doggies allowed. Note the life jackets that are provided for kids. Nice touch!

Dogs are prohibited on the swimming beach.  And since we don’t dare leave Sheba in the Casita unless she is in a crate, that means no swimming this trip.

We also had to take them when we went to town today.  Very fortunately it was overcast and not too hot, so we were able to leave them in the truck while we ran into the grocery store.

Last evening two women walked by our campsite pushing a little white poodle in a stroller.  “Hello, Casita people,” one of the women called out.  “We are Casita people, too.”

Lola and Ellie’s Casita

Today we walked by their campsite and learned that their names are Lola and Ellie, and the reason the dog gets to ride in a stroller is because he is a 15 year old senior citizen.

While we were at the store today, I bought marshmallows so we could toast them over a fire this evening.  But instead of building a big campfire, I lit my Solo Stove and christened it a teeny tiny campfire.

It had all the ambiance of a big fire.  It didn’t leave us reeking of smoke –and it did a great job of toasting our marshmallows!  Best of all, we didn’t even have to buy fire wood.  Ron had gathered a few small, dead branches earlier, and that was more than enough.

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