Out of the Stone Age

lg g3

The LG G3 (web photo)

In a stubborn effort to hold on to my unlimited Verizon Data Plan, I have resisted upgrading to a smartphone.  However, my Verizon agent was able to upgrade the phone plan and leave the data plan untouched since they are separate contracts.

So tonight I am the very happy owner of a new LG G3 with 5.5 inch display–and my grandfathered unlimited data plan!  I did have to buy the 2 GB data plan for the phone.  But it’s still cheaper than the new tiered data plans.

I imagine I will be taking most of my travel photos with the phone’s camera, and using my other camera when I feel like taking the time for special, macro shots.

As soon as it finishes charging, I’ll add the Allstays and Passport America apps.  It comes with Google Maps, so I will use it unless I decide I want to upgrade to something with more features.  It should make our trip south a lot more easily organized than relying on printed maps as in the past.

The back of the case is a screaming pink.

The back of the case is a screaming pink.

I wanted the pretty blue Otterbox phone case, but all they had in the Symmetry model was hot pink.  I am not a hot pink person, but that’s what I ended up with!  I also got the tempered glass screen protector because it is crystal clear and I can’t tell it from the original glass screen.

We’re still dealing with a crazy round of appointments and last minute things to do.

I plan to turn off the water while we are gone, but do not know how to drain the water system.  If anyone has some tips, I’d appreciate them.  I guess we need to drain the water heater, too.  Clean out the fridge.  Still more doctor and vet visits.

otterbox purple sides

Fortunately the front of the case that I see when I am using it is a nice, subdued purple.

I don’t know if we will make it the full three months in the Casita with two dogs.  But if we don’t get a terminal case of claustrophobia living that close together for that long, that’s our plan.



Colors of Late Autumn

late fall color

Our back yard November 14

I took this photo of my back yard a few minutes ago.    We did not have brilliant red and gold fall colors here this year.  But the stunning beauty in the infinite variety of rich browns made me gasp.  What a gift!

I am still not well, but am not feeling awful anymore.  Ron is antsy to head south, so we plan to leave tomorrow.  We’ll just drive a little way and hole up at a pretty campsite for a couple of days, then meander on down to Florida.

We will probably camp in campgrounds for a few more days until my symptoms are gone then go to Mom’s house for a few days.  I definitely don’t want to pass these germs on to my family!

My brother in law is going in for surgery Tuesday.  I do so regret that I can’t visit with him before he goes into the hospital.  I may not be able to visit him while he’s there.  I will just have to wait and see how fast I make a full recovery.


Busy Day Today

Sulfur soap, Christmas shoe boxes, and food for church Thanksgiving baskets

Had a busy day today–for me, anyway!

Saw the dentist, and got great news from him.  He told me to keep on whatever I am doing because my teeth looked great.   That was a major relief because my gums were not doing too well until I bought a Waterpic and started using it every day.

Then we went to dinner, then shopping for Operation Christmas Child and the church’s Thanksgiving baskets for needy families.

I also made some sulfur soap–melt and pour castile base with sublimed sulfur  and LOTS of coconut oil added, along with a little stearic acid to keep it from melting so fast.  I use the sulfur soap to help soothe my eczema during the winter months, and the added coconut oil keeps it from drying my skin out.

And I continued working on another cross bookmark from Lene Bjorn’s Tatted Bookmarks book, although I still have a bit to do on it.  I did enjoy having the tatting along to occupy me while I waited to see the dentist.  Love the fact that it’s such a portable craft.  And I must admit that I do love it when people comment on how beautiful the work is.  🙂

Tomorrow I’ll get start cleaning and packing the Aliner for our trip south on Friday.  We must get Sunny to the groomer, too, before we leave.


Stormy Trip to Florida

storm clouds

Stormy weather

We left High Falls State Park on Saturday and headed south to Florida.  The sky became progressively more threatening.  We couldn’t remember seeing such ominous clouds on any of our previous trips.  At one point, we thought it looked like a large funnel cloud was beginning to form, but thankfully, it never did.

We went through three different downpours where visibility was reduced to almost nothing, and the storms followed us all the way to Florida.

Ominous black clouds

Ominous black clouds

More storm clouds

More storm clouds

Turbulent skies

Turbulent skies

Funnel cloud forming?

This is the one we thought looked like it might be a funnel cloud beginning to form.

Near zero visibility

Near zero visibility

It seemed somehow fitting, since we were going home for Joanie’s memorial service.

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