Tarp is off the camper!

This morning I pulled the tarp off the Aliner, dumped the snow and ice, popped the camper open, walked in the door….  and the magic is back!

The camping season is starting for us!

Today it’s supposed to get up to 50 degrees… and then in the high 50’s or low 60’s for the next few days!

So I think we’ll plan on leaving for Florida on Tuesday!

Snowed In & Pink Tatted Valentine Heart

Tatted valentine card

This rural area of Georgia is so unprepared for snow that our mail still isn’t running.  Such an odd experience for us.  Also we use Verizon cell service for our phones and computers, and the signals have been abysmal lately.  I’ve given up on trying to make calls, which adds to our sense of isolation.

The snow has crusted over, so Sunny will go outside to do his business again.  Nice to not have to carry him outside every time he needs to go!

Last night I tatted this sweet little pink and ecru heart for a Valentine’s Day card for my mother.  It’s a very easy beginner pattern, from Learn to Tat by Janette Baker.

I liked it so well that I am doing another one in red and ecru.

The Deep South

Snow in the Deep South

Our deck this morning

The Deep South feels more like a deep freeze today!

We put Sunny out to do his business last evening.  He made it a couple of feet plowing through chest-deep snow before he turned around and came back in.

I tried to get him to go on paper–or even in the shower where it could be easily cleaned.  But he absolutely refused.

This morning he was desperate.  Again I opened the door, but when he saw the snow, he was not about to venture out in it.  Finally I bundled up and carried him outside and put him under the camper where there was no snow.

He was a very grateful little dog!  So until some of this snow melts, it looks like we will be carrying him out to the trailer every few hours!

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