Working on the Casita

Formerly hidden birds nest is visible now that the leaves are gone.

Today was one of those days when everything I touched went awry.

It started with my crawling under the Casita to try to discover why our shower drains so slowly.  That set off a major vertigo ordeal.

I did find out that the p-trap is not stopped up, the shower valve is open and the gray tank is empty.  Maybe one of the three 90 degree turns in the pipes before they get to the gray tank has a clog?  I was going to use a plumber’s snake to find out, but didn’t last that long before the vertigo won out.

So, instead I drilled two small holes in the top of the gray tank to let some air in to hopefully displace water faster.  It’s a 15 minute wait at the dump station to dump our gray tank, and that isn’t a very good way to win friends and influence people.  🙂

So we dump ours daily into a container and take it to the dump station when we are camping.  Hopefully the shower will empty a little faster now anyway.

The beefed up version of the shelf I made yesterday

I wasn’t satisfied with the book shelf I built yesterday.  I started thinking that when the trailer goes over bumps, or we hit the brakes, the books would slam against the front molding and possibly break it.  So I added another lip on the back, then added a center piece which is screwed to the bottom of the shelf and the molding.  That makes it a lot stronger and it should be able to stand the shock of travel without damage.

Our trip home to Florida is only two weeks away. It really sneaked up on us this year!

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