The project has begun

I had to make an emergency switch in plans and start with the large bathroom instead of the small one.

There is black mold growing along the baseboard in the closet that adjoins the shower stall.  I have watched the problem develop for a long time, but felt absolutely helpless to do anything about it.

But I’ve learned enough from working on the camper that you read up on what you need to do and then just start.

However, I did not watch the Youtube video on “how to remove a shower stall” before I started.

So after I removed the faucet heads, broke off two badly corroded screws, and realized any turning of the wrench would also turn on the water, I told Ron, who was trying to help, “Don’t do anything until I find out how this works.”

So I started watching the video on how to remove a shower stall and discovered the first thing I need to do is cut the water lines and seal them with shark bite fittings.

About that time, I heard a huge gushing of water coming from the bathroom.  Ron hadn’t waited.  So he went outside to the water shutoff and turned the water to the house off.

We also had a load of laundry half way finished.

And now we have a flood.

So I guess we’ll do without water and take showers in the Casita tonight.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. After that I’ll head to Home Depot and get some shark bite fittings to cap the water to the shower.

Then I’ll start over.

I used to watch This Old House on PBS and developed a mad crush on Tom Silva.  I’m over the crush, but sure wish he was a next door buddy I could call and ask for a little help.

If we hadn’t just gone into debt for a new roof, I’d just have someone come out and do the work.  As it is, I’ll just take my time.

And thank God for my faith which teaches me, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


[edited to add that Ron did manage to replace the part he had removed, so we do have water in the rest of the house this evening!  YAY!]

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