News from Sheba!

Sheba's new owner sent me this picture taken today.  Look at her face!  I am teary with joy at what a perfect home she has now!

Sheba’s new owner sent me this picture taken today. Look at her face! I am teary with joy at what a perfect home she has now!

Camping Again!

Sheba, a sweet, happy camper

Sheba, a sweet, happy camper

Another cold front!  Actually, it’s low 80’s with a great breeze, but that is cool for our area.  So we headed to nearby McKinney Campground on Lake Allatoona.

Our site over the lake

Our site over the lake

We’ve camped at this campground before, but not at this end.  When we were here before, a maintenance man told us that in summer it’s a lot cooler on “the point” due to the breezes.  He was right.  It’s lovely here!

We heard on the news that someone drowned here last weekend.  We didn’t hear whether it was an adult or child.

On our picture-taking walk this afternoon, we did not find a single flower.  Everything is varying shades of green.  But as always, I’m hoping to find mushrooms.  We’ll see!

Ron with Sheba rolling in the grass by one of the little swimming beaches.

Ron with Sheba rolling in the grass by one of the little swimming beaches.

Little Sunny had to stay in the trailer while we walked.  He simply can’t make it that far anymore.

I’m adding a flower picture that I posted in my last entry from Coleman Lake.  It is a little flower that got lost on the page.  So I removed the surrounding vegetation and am posting it full size so you can see the glory of it.  What a beautiful creation!





Camping Plans, a Little Progress & Sheba’s Buddy

Playing is hard work!

Playing is hard work!

I found out today that the campground we were planning to visit next week has still not reopened since the early May floods.  So I’m not sure whether we will get out next week or the following week.

Wood support for the Fantastic Fan

Wood support for the Fantastic Fan

In the meantime, I have just finished making my fourth interior support for the Fantastic Fan installation.  I can’t cut straight cuts with my jig saw, can’t get it to look like I want it to look, so have finally given up and will just use this one the way it is.  Tomorrow I’ll get the wiring done, then, between rains, cut the hole in the Casita’s roof and FINALLY get the thing installed–hopefully this week.

Chase and Sheba

Chase and Sheba

I am so afraid of this job, so have done some serious foot dragging on getting started!  I also have to cut the plastic interior surround down which involves scoring the plastic sides, cutting the corners, then breaking the plastic along the score lines.  I do hope I don’t destroy it in the process!

Today my neighbor Cindy brought her dog Chase down to play with Sheba.  Sheba loves it when Chase comes to visit.  They have a blast together.  They play until they get

Another shot of Chase and Sheba

Another shot of Chase and Sheba

tired, take breaks, then play again until they are exhausted.

In the meantime, Cindy and I get to catch up on each other’s news.

My favorite roses, again.

My favorite roses, again.


Dinner on the Back Porch

After dinner

After dinner

I didn’t think to take a picture of our having dinner on Ann and Cecil’s back porch.  Cecil grilled pork chops and Ann made a huge, artistic salad using lettuce from Cecil’s garden.  I did manage to capture the leftover iced tea glasses.  🙂

Sheba pilfered Cookie's bone.

Sheba pilfered Cookie’s bone.

Beau, the golden retriever has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Cookie misses him terribly.  Cookie raced out to greet Sheba, tail wagging furiously.  But Sheba’s exuberance soon had Cookie looking for a quiet space of her own.

Sheba is improving.  She’s not quite so boisterous as she was.  We figure, if we survive the process, she will be a fantastic dog in another year!  She willingly came into the Casita at bedtime the last two nights, which sure beat having to wrestle her inside!

Sheba on Ann's front porch

Sheba on Ann’s front porch

She has loved being able to run free at Mom’s and Ann’s places.  The big test will come when we leave here for a campground where she will have to be restrained all day.

As you can tell, today was a slow news day.  We had lunch at Mom’s, towed the trailer a mile or so down the road to Ann’s, got set up, ate dinner, and are now just enjoying being here together.

Our campsite at Ann's house

Our campsite at Ann’s house

Someone is too rambunctious to be allowed indoors here.  :)

Someone is too rambunctious to be allowed indoors here. 🙂






Carry a Big Stick!

Sheba is in the wood hauling business.

Sheba is in the wood hauling business.

I’m still waiting for the weather to warm up enough so I can work on my Casita projects.  Right now it’s still too cool for the adhesives to set properly.  It’s supposed to warm up this weekend, though.

Sheba's toy box

Sheba’s toy box

In the meantime, Sheba is the only one who is enjoying the outdoors.  She has gathered an impressive pile of country-style toys, proudly displayed in the yard, which she apparently considers her own personal toy box.  🙂

Even though we live in the woods, her junk piles have become a little too much for us to ignore.  Hope she’s not too upset when we clean up the mess!

Nah.  She’ll probably just thoroughly enjoy having a new project.

“Betcha wish you had it!”

"You gotta protect your important stuff."

“You gotta guard your important stuff.”

No Visible Accident Damage After Scrubbing the Casita!

She's as beautiful as ever!

She’s as beautiful as ever!

A few days ago we got a day up in the 60’s, so I decided to wash the Casita.  I am so glad I did!  The top was covered with black crud!  So I scrubbed it with a dishcloth that has the nylon scrubbie net on the back, using dish soap, bleach and baking soda.

It came out shining like new!

Ron held the ladder for me.  I wanted to do the scrubbing myself because I am a lot pickier than he is.  🙂

So over a period of 4 days, we finally have it looking good as new.  I saved scrubbing the bottom front until last because I knew I would encounter damage from the accident.  I wanted to get it super clean so I could determine what was dirt and what was damage.

No visible damage!

No visible damage!

If I put my face right up to the fiberglass and look really hard, I can see some tiny, barely visible stress cracks in the gelcoat.  I checked on some boat discussion boards and found that those tiny cracks are totally cosmetic and nothing to worry about.  Since I am the only one who can see them (Ron can’t), I’m just going to strip the existing PoliGlow from the area, put on a couple of new coats, and call it good as new!

The top of the gas tanks were bent when the truck jackknifed.  The plastic gas cover saved the Casita from getting gouged by them.  There is one horizontal rub mark in the fiberglass where it was forced against the trailer, but that is all!  And cleaned up, I have to really hunt for it.  With a coat of poliglow, it, too, will be invisible!

The bent tops of the propane tanks

The bent tops of the propane tanks

We moved the gas tank that was on the right to the left when we were straightening them out.  I’m not sure why as the tops of both were bent, but that was the decision the guys made!  🙂

Even the plastic gas tank cover was undamaged!  It just flexed.

The only real repair I have to make to the trailer is to drill holes in the bar at the bottom of the gas tank support and bolt it back down again where the welds popped loose.

The truck, on the other hand, sustained $3700 worth of damage!

I never realized how wonderful the Casita’s belly band is at protecting the body from damage.  It just makes me appreciate my little camper even more!

Sheba supervising.  :)

Sheba supervising. 🙂


Sheba’s Home

Wonder why the paw is lifted?  Maybe she's a pointer, too!  :)

Wonder why the paw is lifted? Maybe she’s a pointer, too! 🙂

We picked Sheba up from the vet’s this morning.  She was one happy puppy to see us!  I snuggled her during the drive home and she snuggled right back! 🙂

Loving being home

Loving being home

The vet had weighed her, and she is at 40.5 pounds.  She’s stayed that weight for over a month, so I’m guessing that’s close to her adult weight.

When we got home, I was covered, and I do mean covered, with a thick thatch of black dog hair!  She had not been brushed the 5 days she was boarded and is WAY overdo!  She also has some mats behind her ears that I’ll try to work out tonight.

Romping around the yard

Romping around the yard

She and Sunny have been playing nonstop all day.  Sheba’s favorite game is to get a toy (or pine cone or stick) in her mouth, get right up close to Sunny and tease him with it, then the chase is on.

So the rest of today’s post will just be photos of her homecoming.

Sheba and Sunny

Sheba and Sunny

Best buddies

Best buddies

Sheba's toys  :)

Sheba’s toys 🙂






Uh Oh. I’m in Trouble! :D

I can’t do it.  Can’t send Sheba to a new home.

She has started TALKING to me.  I don’t know what she is saying, but she will vocalize up a storm.  So Hilarious.  When I tell her I don’t understand her, she will groan dramatically and turn her head.

So we will do whatever it takes to make it work.  I will start taking her on more and longer walks.

Pulling on the leash isn’t such a bad thing, since I have COPD and she pulls me up hills and allows me to walk longer and farther than I could without her.

I will still be looking for the right home for her.  But I’m not going to advertise.  Will just pray for direction and that the right person show up in the right place at the right time.  I will know when I meet them.


[on edit:  12/27:  Sheba is staying.  We are her forever home.  There’s no way I could part with her.]

The Weekend Campers are Here

The weekend campers are here.  Nothing like truck headlights for ambient lighting! :D

The weekend campers are here. Nothing like truck headlights for ambient lighting! 😀

I’ve just come in from outside.  It was overcast and grey all day, but late this afternoon the sun came out.

Now it’s a clear crisp night.  Ron and I gazed upward through palm tree crests silhouetted against thousands of brilliant stars in an awe-inspiring light display.  The stars are so much brighter here than at home!

We drove to Mom’s today to pick up some mail we had been waiting for.  Ann and Cecil joined us, and Hope brought over chicken and rice.  We had all been a bit down because of the weather.  But being together banished the blues and brightened all of our moods.

Sheba somehow got into the horse pasture next door to Mom’s and couldn’t find her way back.  Hope showed us a spot in the fence where there were only 4 barbed wire strands.  We raised one of the strands, and rescued a very relieved dog!  She got to race around Mom’s yard to her heart’s content, so she should sleep well tonight!

Shortly after I took the above photo of the site across the road from us, those campers decided they didn’t like that spot, so they have moved.  YAY!  🙂


On edit – Ron learned that someone complained about noise, so the new camper neighbors were asked to move.

Camping, Camp Cooking, Campfires, Dog Training, Friends & Joy

Camp kitchen and my embarrassingly smoky campfire!

Some days are just perfect.  Like today.  Sunny, brisk, energizing… and filled with the sheer joy of living!

I don’t take days like this for granted.  They are too special — too precious!

I thought that these little fleabane flowers looked like a bridal veil against the brush.

When we first started camping, we had a campfire every night.  It was just a part of the camping experience.  But since we get out so often, it is no longer necessary most of the time.  Some nights there are other things we want to do besides tend a fire.

Today was different.  My first hint was wondering what the neat little cache of paper towel rolls, empty cracker boxes and other cardboard was doing on the counter.

“To help start the fire,” Ron explained.

So I put fire building on my to-do list for the evening.  🙂

Hanging deadwood for fire starting

I had planned to grill dinner this evening.  But the thought of having to clean the grill was more than I wanted to deal with.  One of my blog readers from Florida told me that soaking the grill overnight in water with a dryer sheet added to it would loosen the most stubborn baked on grease.  She tried it on some of her oven ware and it worked.  So that’s definitely something I will do later.  I can’t do it here, though, because I don’t have a container that the grill rack will fit into flat.  But when I get home, I will try it.

Chicken breast strips cooked in olive oil with garlic and spices.

Anyway… instead of grilling this evening, I decided to cook chicken breast strips on the stove.  It was quick, easy, tasty, and the cleanup was a breeze.  All that was needed to complete the dinner was heat a can of green beans and open a deli carton of potato salad.  Sweat-free camp cooking!

Ron injured himself today.  He went to look for hanging deadwood down by the lake to help start the fire.  He found some he wanted up on the bank and thought he would be able to reach it with his hiking pole to steady him.  Instead he fell — onto rocks.  He bruised his hip and got some nasty scrapes on his arm.  He had fallen into red clay mud and was a mess.  So I got him in the shower, cleaned his scrapes and bandaged them, then gave him Aleve.  We think he’s going to be fine… just is stiff and sore this evening.

Tree roots down by the lake

All that to say is that I got to take Sheba on all of her walks this afternoon and evening… which I really enjoyed… because Sheba is starting to learn a few manners… finally!!!

My first hint that something was changing was, after jumping all over a woman who made the mistake of wanting to pet her, I told Sheba to SIT.  Instantly she looked at me and her little butt hit the ground.  I was shocked!  Progress!  Of course it didn’t last long, but I praised her to the sky.

Tree roots stretching over rocks

On the next walk, we passed by a Dad and his two little boys.  Sheba tugged on the leash and wagged her tail furiously, but made no effort to lunge toward them!

Then, on the way home, three deer ran across the path.  Sheba got very excited, but not the out-of-control excitement that she usually displays.

So I think my little dog-girl is showing some very encouraging signs of eventually being trainable!  😀

Today is the last day of this camping trip.  I’ve been reminiscing about the wonderful people we met this trip.  The high point of the Cherokee rally was meeting Lynne in person.  I had previously only known her through her blog, Casita in the Desert; Casita in the Mtns.  Once in a while you meet a person that you just click with and feel instant friendship with.  That’s how I felt about Lynne.

I am always intrigued by rocks that are aligned differently from the ground and wonder what long ago forces pushed them up at that angle.

And what was amazing is that she was going to surprise us and camp here at Lake Allatoona with us this weekend… only there were no sites available.  But she’s going to be at the Ft. Pickens rally in December so we’ll see her again then (if not before)… and probably at the Green Eggs & Ham rally in Alabama in March.

Another special person I met at the rally was Lois from West Virginia.  I sat at her dinette in her Casita and felt so comfortable chatting with her.

And then there was Jean, here at McKinney Campground, who gave me such helpful tips on how to train Sheba, and was so non-judgmental at my puppy mother ineptitude!

Our campfire this evening

My life has not always been happy.  There were some really tough times in the past.  But in recent years I’ve felt peaceful and content much of the time.  And there are increasingly frequent times of sheer joy.  Camping in our Casita with Ron has contributed greatly to that, and I am so grateful for all the opportunities it has opened to us.

Life is so very, very good!

Thanks, God!  🙂

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