Thumbs Down on the Coleman Stove-Grill Combo

We are not taking our Coleman Stove/Grill combo this trip.  I am so disappointed in it.


Rusty. I have deoxidizer oil on it but it’s not helping a lot.

First of all, it doesn’t grill well.  There is only one heating element in the middle and it is way too close to the grate.  So one end of the food tends to burn before the other side cooks.  You have to constantly shift the hamburgers, chicken or steaks around, and I am never satisfied with the way food turns out.

Second of all, it rusts!  The pan under the grill hasn’t rusted, but that is probably because I always cover it with aluminum foil before using it to keep grease from getting burned on to it, so it’s shielded from the heat a little.

I have never boiled anything over on the burner.  And as soon as I’m through using it, I always Windex it thoroughly and dry all the moisture off.  But the whole burner area has rusted.  I guess it just gets too hot for it?  Or maybe condensation forms under there when the stove is closed up.

Anyway, we are taking our old Weber Baby Q 100 that stays 27/7 out on the deck winter and summer.  It doesn’t look that great, but it still does a fantastic job of grilling meats and vegetables.

And we’ re taking our cheapo camp stove that doesn’t have a windscreen… because it doesn’t rust.  We’ll create a windscreen of some type for it.

I am almost through packing.  It has taken me a lot longer this time.  I still need to mop the Casita’s floor and put down the rugs in the morning… and pack the toiletries that we will use for our showers in the morning.  But we will finally break out of here tomorrow!

My sister Gail is van camping on a lake in Texas this weekend.  She is so thrilled.  She learned how to throw a cast net and catch her own shad for bait today!  I would so love to join her!

Maybe someday.  🙂




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