Camping This Week

We’re skipping the mountains this time.  I’m a worry-wort, and I’m concerned that so much rain may have weakened some of the roads.  Probably totally unfounded, but it’s a real concern to me.  Also, I’m concerned that going a week without hookups in cloudy weather might mean the solar panel couldn’t keep our battery charged.

Last week I checked the weather in northern Mississippi and it looked great, so we were going to head there to escape the rain.  On checking it now, they are predicted to get as much as we are.

So we’ve decided to head to the Doll Mountain campground at Carter’s Lake in north Georgia.  At least our Georgia fishing licenses are good there.

If I can get everything done, we’ll leave Wednesday.  I not, it will have to be Thursday.  I don’t have a long enough lead time to make reservations through Reserve America, but it looks like there will be enough walk-in sites available.

Today I thought I’d give the Casita a quick wash.  But I found black mold (mildew?) embedded in the roof.  So by the time I scrubbed all that off with bleach, dish soap and a nylon scrubbie cloth, I realized I’d also removed most of the Poliglow.  The roof still shines, but it doesn’t bead water anymore.  So redoing the roof’s Poliglow is another project on my list.

The rest of the trailer was as easy as I had expected it all to be.

Except that I discovered road tar on the bottom front of the trailer and in the wheel wells.  I didn’t have the energy to tackle it, so I’ll worry about that later.

When I was putting up the shelves in the bathroom the other day, I decided to open the bathroom window for ventilation.  It’s always been hard to open.  This time, it was really hard, so I gave it a mighty pull — and the metal top, along with its rubber seal, came off in my hand, leaving a bare glass edge in the window.

I wasn’t sure what to put it back on with.  It looked like there had originally been some kind of sticky glue on the front edge of the rubber.  I was afraid to use anything too permanent in case I messed up and would have to redo it.  So I put some silicone sealer on the inside of the rubber and put it back on the glass.  I let it set overnight, then put a little more of the sealer in the metal track of the piece that came off, then firmly pressed it on.  It looks okay, but I haven’t tried to open the window again.

I did decide that if I put some silicone lubricant in the window track it would make it easier to open and close in the future.

When I finish packing the Casita tomorrow, I’ll use the lubricant in the other window tracks, too, as they are all hard to open.

Sorry, no pictures today.  I was too pooped to worry about the camera.  🙂

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