Spanish Moss

Spanish moss at Eagle’s Roost

As usual, we left Mom’s house late — after lunch.

The Casita at Eagle’s Roost

We were hot and tired, and wanted to do as little driving today as possible.  So we crossed the Georgia line and stopped at the Eagle’s Roost RV Park, one of our favorite overnight stops.

Besides being a beautiful, clean park, the profusion of Spanish moss lends an aura of timeless peace.  I first remember seeing Spanish moss when I was a little girl in Green Cove Springs, Florida.  Then we moved to the beach and I don’t remember seeing it there.  It must not like salt air.

Spanish moss closeup

Spanish moss is not a true moss, and it is not a parasite.  It gets its moisture and nutrients from the air.  It can, however, cover a tree to the point that the tree becomes unable to produce enough food through photosynthesis.  And sometimes it can get so heavy that it can cause branches to break off the tree.  But to me, it’s a beautiful, mysterious part of the essence of the Deep South.

Eagle sculpture entitled “The Nest”

I also noticed the Eagle sculpture for the first time this visit.

There’s only so much I can say about Spanish moss, so I’ll just post pictures that I took today.

Tomorrow we plan to visit Ron’s brother in a nursing home near here.  Then we’ll head to Cotton Hill COE campground on Walter F. George Lake on the Georgia/Alabama line.

It’s a new campground for us, so we’re looking forward to spending several days there.

Curtain of Spanish moss

Spanish moss in sunlight

Spanish moss on tree

Veil of Spanish moss

Bird hotel

Checking the hotel out?

San Augustine, TX & Tatting Update

Our Aliner at an RV park operated by the City of San Augustine, TX

We left Gail’s house around 11:30 in a steady rain, which soon turned into a driving rain.  We were supposed to pick up US 96 in Beaumont, but missed our turn.  We continued on US 90 and I-10 which ran together.  The rain was so hard that Ron couldn’t see which lane he was supposed to be in, and visibility was very poor.

I made a quick call to Gail and asked her and Mike to pray for our safety.  Shortly afterwards, the rain lightened up.  I found an alternate route to 96, so it wasn’t a bad setback.

San Augustine RV park. There is a museum and other historical monuments in San Augustine.

I located an RV park in San Augustine on the net, and the reviews at gave it a good rating.  So here we are.

The park is nice.  Very clean and very quiet.  There are a lot of oil workers staying here full time, but there were plenty of spots for overnighters.  The park operates on the honor system.  You pick your spot, then put a check for $24.00 in an envelope and put it into the drop box.

It took me several tries to get backed into our spot–not because it was difficult, but because I was pretty tired.  As soon as we were parked, we were greeted by the very friendly and welcoming camp host in the next site.  I was glad to see that they have wifi, because cell reception is very poor here.

It’s raining now with occasional lightning and thunder, but it feels safe and warm inside the camper.

We stayed hitched up so we can get an early start north tomorrow.  We plan to catch I-20 near Shreveport for the rest of the trip home.

By the way, it’s true what they say about people being friendly in Texas.  No matter where we went–malls, restaurants, fast food places, service stations — people were smiling and helpful.  I thought the era of people acting that way was a thing of the past.  What a pleasure to experience it in person!

Everyone loved their Christmas gifts.  Here’s a picture of a couple of the cross bookmarks I made for family members.  I’m working on a very pretty one with butterflies and flowers surrounded by very lacy “greenery.”

Cross bookmarks made for family members for Christmas

Eagles’ Roost RV Park, Lake Park, FL

The Aliner at Eagles' Roost

The Aliner at Eagles' Roost

We stopped by Mom’s on the way out of town this morning.  Then we stopped to eat.  So by the time we got on the road, it was after 2:00.

We decided to stop right across the Georgia line at Eagles’ Roost RV Park.  It’s a beautiful place with huge old trees and a canopy of spanish moss.  Even though it is right off the interstate and we hear the traffic, it is not irritating.  Maybe the trees absorb some of the sound.

Spanish moss

Spanish moss

We did hear a very loud diesel engine rumbling on and on very near to us.  I finally peeked out to see what was causing the disturbance.  A wrecker service had towed a 5th wheel to a site across the street from us.  I sure hope they can get repaired and back on the road soon.

We are in no particular hurry to get back home.  We may just drive 3 or 4 hours tomorrow, then stop somewhere else again for the night.

Picnic pavilion area

Picnic pavilion area

dog walk area

Sunny's favorite spot -- the dog walk area

I am almost finished with my little tatted Christmas tree ornament.  This time it’s going very well, and I am pleased with it!  It will be used to decorate a Christmas card for my Mom.

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