Fireflies, Casita Project & More LC Pancakes

Rust treated and new paint under stovetop

Fireflies are out in force this evening!  I really wanted a picture, but not badly enough to stand outside in the light rain and wait for a good shot.  Maybe tomorrow night.

I ended up with an unexpected project in the Casita today.  There was a stain on one of the burners.  And I hadn’t taken the top off and cleaned underneath since we bought the trailer last November.  I decided I wanted everything really clean before our next trip.

The stove knob plate cleaned and painted

So I took the stove top off and got several surprises.  First of all, there was rust along the corner of the metal plate that holds the knobs.  Secondly, there was some serious rust in the underneath corners of the stovetop.  And finally, there was evidence of at least one serious boilover along with a lot of corrosion in the well underneath the stove.

The stove well cleaned and treated with Caig’s Deoxit before I decided to paint it.

So first, I cleaned and painted the bottom of the stovetop.  Then the knob plate.

Next, I cleaned and treated the stove well with Caig’s Deoxit.  But it looked bad, and I started thinking about having to clean under there when I have a boilover.  So I cleaned all the Deoxit off, sanded the worst areas, and sprayed the whole interior with Rust Reformer.

Stove well sanded and sprayed with Rust Reformer. I haven’t decided whether to paint it white or black tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll paint the well.  I’d like to paint it black, but am afraid some of the black would show when the white stovetop is mounted on the white fiberglass.  Maybe I’ll paint the well black and paint the edges white.  I’ll decide that when I get out there with the paint can tomorrow!  😀

After my success with the almond flour low carb pancakes yesterday, I decided to try a version with coconut flour since I have two pounds of it in the refrigerator.

Coconut flour pancakes. You have to keep them small to keep them from breaking apart.

The reviews on the low carb board said they were really good.  After making them, I think those reviewers must have been pretty desperate for pancakes!

The coconut flour absorbs so much liquid that you have to use a lot of eggs in the recipe to keep the pancakes from crumbling.  They turned out light and fluffy as advertised, but they have an eggy taste and feel that I don’t like.

If that was the only low carb pancake recipe around it would be okay.  But since the almond flour pancakes are superior in every way, that’s what I’ll stick with from now on.

Now what to do with two pounds of coconut flour… that I don’t like!

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