Wild Woods Camper Hunting Adventure

We just got back from a 7 hour wild goose chase for a used Casita camper in central Georgia.

We had gotten a call from a woman in response to my WTB ad on Craigslist.  She told us she had a Liberty Deluxe Casita for sale, and assured us that it was in excellent condition.  She said she and her husband were retired and took very good care of their things.

So we headed south for what should have been a 2-1/2 hour drive.

BUT our GPS lost us down miles of twisty one lane red clay dirt roads and we ended up at a hunting camp full of guys planning the first night’s hunting of the season.  Wandered around for over an hour lost on dirt roads.

Finally found the house in the dark after repeated phone calls for directions.

The Casita was not a Liberty Deluxe.  It was a Spirit Deluxe.  A great floor plan, but not as advertised.  The windows were wide open to air it out in the chilly evening, and the inside reeked of air freshener.  (That screams mold and water damage.)   It also had a rusty stove top, broken cabinet latches, and the floor was so soft it gave under my feet.

The woman told me that she spilled a bottle of water on the stove and forgot to wipe it up, and that’s why it was crusted with rust.  When I told her the floor was soft, she widened her eyes and asked, “What does that mean?”  I told her it meant the floor was rotten.

She flew into a rage and yelled, “Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye….”

So we wandered through the dirt roads back to the paved road.  Stopped in the little town and asked for directions to get back to the interstate.  They told us to take the long way because the back roads weren’t safe with the hunters out.

So we just got home.

The trip wasn’t a total loss, though.  I had never actually been inside a Casita before.  They are adorable!  I had expected it to feel cavelike, but it felt light, open and spacious.

Sure would like to find one in decent shape!

It looks like we won’t find anything in time to go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So maybe next spring.

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