Three Casita Tours & Lots of Discoveries

We saw a herd of 6 tame deer several times today, but I only got 4 in my photo.

Today was one of those glorious days where everything turned out right.

I gave three Casita tours today.  I just love showing off my little trailer and I also really do appreciate the compliments on my decor.  🙂

Tentatively identified as a Red Buckeye

I discovered a new plant today.  It was a small, straggly tree with nut husks that contained two shiny dark brown nuts.  I had never seen an Ohio Buckeye, and originally thought that was what it must be.  But I looked it up and learned that Ohio Buckeye has spiny husks, and this one had fairly smooth husks.  I think I’ve identified it as a Red Buckeye.  In any case, its nuts are poisonous like the Ohio Buckeye’s.

Red buckeye nuts (I think)

Ringless honey mushrooms

In spite of the extreme drought, I found two different kinds of mushrooms today.  They grow on buried wood, which retains water much longer than the soil does.  So I wasn’t skunked in my quest this trip after all!

The ringless honey mushrooms are edible.  However, depending on where they grow they can make you sick.  I’ve eaten some and enjoyed them.  But I got sick on them once, too, so I don’t eat them anymore.  Just enjoy finding and identifying them.

Chrome footed bolete. The pinkish color of the cap did not show up in my photo.

I also found my first chrome footed bolete today, too.  They are a safe edible, but this one was past its prime, so I contented myself with finding and recognizing a new mushroom!

We usually take the dogs for 3 good walks a day, but that’s not always enough to burn up Sheba’s excess energy.  This afternoon, we went on a LONG walk.  On the way back, Roxanne, a camping neighbor who fell madly in love with Sheba, asked if she could walk her.  We said yes and off she went with Sheba dragging her along.

The chrome footed bolete’s speckled stalk and yellow foot.

When they got back Sheba was pooped.  Roxanne said that Sheba had plopped down and lay in the street twice before they got back.

Tonight Sheba is sprawled out on the camper floor, sound asleep.  I think for the first time we finally burned off ALL the excess Australian Shepherd puppy energy!  😀

On our walk we passed a bush with dozens of yellow and orange butterflies.  I stopped and watched them for several minutes.  I’ve never seen so many butterflies in one place at the same time.

Dozens of butterflies were taking advantage of these flowers.

This campground is amazing. It is crammed full of weekend campers, and all we can hear outside are the night sounds of the woods.  We are surrounded by tent campers who apparently are here to enjoy nature.  No radios.  No blaring music.  No loud talking.  Flickers of campfires are the only indication that people are here.  All of the sites are screened by vegetation, so it’s more private and peaceful than we could have dreamed.  We will definitely come back here.  But next time we’ll reserve a waterfront site.

Can’t ever have too many butterfly pictures! 🙂

I also found a couple of different wild pea family flowers, and one precious little blue asiatic dayflower.  And lots of the common little raggedy yellow flowers that make me think of sunshine and smiles, although I don’t know their name!

Oh…. one more thing.  I saw the biggest tent I have ever seen in a campground here today.  It’s as big as a small cabin.  See photo below!

Unknown member of the wild pea family

These have pealike flowers, too. Don’t know their name!

Sunshine flowers!

Asiatic dayflower

Huge tent!

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