Simple Nature Appreciation

Luna moth on deck

Today’s a slow, easy day.  Not much going on.  Ron gave me a beautiful bouquet of lavender roses and white daisies for Mother’s Day.

I thought the luna moth in the photo was dead.  He stayed on the deck in the same position for a day and two nights.  Then, to my shock, he started moving around and flew away the second day.  Since they are nocturnal, I was puzzled as to why he chose daylight to fly away.

Rabbit in our back yard

The second photo is of our wild almost-pet rabbit.  He comes into the yard and munches tender greenery almost every evening.

He has no fear of us as long as we don’t try to approach him too closely.  Once in a while Sunny will see him and chase him.  But usually Sunny doesn’t notice him.

I’ve been having fun with the ukulele.  Am working on scales and simple songs, chords, and doing barre chord exercises to strengthen my hand.  I had forgotten how soothing and enjoyable playing music can be.  It’s adding a lot to my life already.  I dream of the day when I can play it well.

I’m also working on my tatted doily.  I pick it up for a while every night.  It’s also relaxing and I am enjoying not rushing to get it finished.

I got the bed covers in the camper washed yesterday.  Tomorrow I’ll scrub it and start getting it ready for the trip to Florida.

Baby Bunnies

This isn’t travel related, but I did want to share something that happened last evening.

Ron was outside weeding the raised garden beds.  One had a real thick clump of chickweed in it.  When he pulled the clump up, two tiny bunnies hopped out — about 5″ long each.   They were so fast that at first Ron thought they were mice.  One immediately disappeared from sight.  But then Ron called me to come take a look.  He stood still and pointed at the grass behind a planter.  There sat the other little bunny motionless as a tiny carving.  And where Ron had weeded, a nest lined with rabbit fur was exposed.

I was so afraid the mother would abandon the babies since the nest had been disturbed.  I wanted so badly to pick the little thing up.  I thought briefly of trying to bottle feed him and raise him.  But then I decided to just hope the mother would come back and rescue her babies.  So we left the garden.

Maybe the Mom did return and round them up.  I am afraid to check the nest again. I don’t want to know if she didn’t.

P.S.  The nest was abandoned.  I do hope the Mom relocated her babies.

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