Lake Seminole

corner site

A nice, private corner site

Across the street from our site

Across the street from our site

We are at Lake Seminole on the GA/FL/AL border.  It’s the Eastbank COE camp.  The last time we stayed here we had a site right on the water.  That section of the campground looks like an upscale RV park — but there is no shade and no privacy!  And people are always walking through your site there to get to the water.

This time we asked for a site that was more private where the dogs would have more room.  We got a site in the back loop, away from the water…. and it’s just perfect for us.  It’s more like a campground than an RV park on this side.  And we can still see the lake from our site.

Our front yard

Our front yard

When we got here, it was hot as blazes!  I don’t know what the temperature was, but with the humidity it felt like it was in the steaming 90’s.  But once we got our awning up and could sit in shade, the breezes off the lake kept it from being too uncomfortable to sit outside.  The direct sun did bake us from around 3:00 – 6:00, but after that the sun dropped behind the trees and it was manageable again.

Sheba surveying her new domain

Sheba surveying her new domain

Right after we got set up, a guy stopped to talk to Ron.  Turns out, he is from Michigan and retired from the railroad.  Since Ron retired from the railroad, that gave them a lot to talk about.  Then we learned that the other guy’s name was Ron, too.  AND, they are headed for Ft. Pickens on Friday; we are headed there on Sunday.  It was one of those “really small world” experiences.

Shady spot under the picnic table

Shady spot under the picnic table

We are camping here because we couldn’t get reservations for Ft. Pickens  until April 21.  We needed a cheap site with electricity for the air conditioner in the meantime.  So we came here and are paying $11.00 a night with our senior pass.

Unusual cloud formation

Unusual cloud formation

Indian Springs State Park, GA

Our site at Indian Springs State Park

Our site at Indian Springs State Park

Our little Aliner is parked at Indian Springs State Park in Middle Georgia tonight.  It’s a gorgeous place.  There are very few campers here, so it is peaceful and very private.

Turning off I-75 onto Highway 42 felt like entering another world.   It’s a curving, two lane, very rural road still sporting autumn colored scenery, with several cattle operations along the way.

behind our site

Our back yard

We built a camp fire, and Ron grilled burgers.  As we were sitting around the fire after dark, Ron remarked, “This is real camping!”  It couldn’t have been a more relaxed and satisfying camping experience.

There is so much here to explore, but unfortunately we don’t have time to check out the Creek Indian museum, the springs, or any of the other beautiful sights.  We definitely plan on coming back when we can spend more time.

view from our deck

View from our deck

at the park entrance

At the park entrance

Ron gathering kindling

Ron gathering kindling with Sunny supervising

Ron preparing kindling

Ron preparing the kindling

me starting the fire

Me starting the fire. I was prepared with LOTS of paper towels!

got the fire going

I got the fire going!

Ron grilling burgers

Ron grilling burgers

We did discover that this is the oldest state park in the country.  Amazing that it is still so unspoiled.

Oh… I did want to mention the camp host.  He is probably the friendliest and most helpful camp host I’ve ever run into.  His name is Dick.  I’m curious to find out if he is here year round or not.  He seemed genuinely disappointed to hear that we were only staying one night.


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