A Meandering Kind of Day

Late this afternoon I started out to work on the camper.  But before I started, I decided that I needed to dig some compost around the pole beans.

Then I noticed that the bunny fence needed attention, so I cut the hardware cloth in half so it would cover twice as much garden area, then rearranged and replaced the fence.

Then I remembered the periwinkles that needed thinning, so replanted some of them in the big planter in the front yard.

Then I weeded the garden, drug the hose around, watered the lima beans, then drug it out front to water the newly planted flowers….

Then the sun was going down and I never did get around to the camper.

Tomorrow is my day to rest, relax, and bury myself in a good book.

So Monday I’ll get back to working on the camper!

Bunnies in My Toy Garden

Bunny salad bar

Well, the garlic flakes I sprinkled around my garden have apparently lost their zing.  And the fox I saw running across the yard the other day is apparently not a very effective hunter.

Bunnies got my pole beans!  Most were chewed off near the ground, but I thought this photo was the most picturesque of the lot.  🙂

My cantaloupe and acorn squash didn’t come up.  I think the extreme heat may have interfered with their germination.  It’s pretty late to be planting them, but my seed packet assured me I could plant them in June in my area, so I gave it a shot.  Anyway, the cucumber did sprout.  It’s a good thing we have a LONG growing season!

We are getting a break today from days in the mid-nineties.  It’s only in the 80’s today, which is normal for summer.  The scorching weather is supposed to be back in

Bell peppers

a few days, though. I am extremely grateful that we have had partially cloudy days to helps us bear the solar onslaught–and I’m sure that it helps keep the trees and plants from frying.  And the REAL blessing is that we do get thunderstorms now and then which keep us from experiencing the extreme drought others are suffering.  Thanks, God!  🙂

Ichiban eggplant

Lima beans


Cucumber seedling

That’s all I have to ramble about today.  Here are some photos of real plants in my toy garden!

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