Poisonous Mushrooms in My Yard

Common characteristics of a deadly amanita — white spore print, ring around the stalk and a cuplike volva at the base

Disclaimer:  I am NOT a mushroom expert.  Do not use my photos to positively identify any mushroom you may find.  I often make mistakes!  🙂 

There are around 600 species of mushrooms in the genus amanita.  Many of them are poisonous, some are deadly, and a few are edible.  Some of the more common ones have descriptive names like Destroying Angel and Death Cap.  Unfortunately, I have several kinds of them growing in my yard.

Young Destroying Angel with veil covering the gills that will become a ring around the stalk as the gills expand and tear free of the veil.

I almost panicked when the mushrooms started springing up because Sheba (my Australian Shepherd puppy) eats everything — grass, moss, cow poop.  To my great relief she shows absolutely no interest in mushrooms!

Since my primary interest is in edible mushrooms, I avoid eating gilled mushrooms with any of the characteristics of an amanita, including warty patches on the cap.  In fact, I

More amanitas

avoid most gilled mushrooms except for the very easily identifiable ones that have no poisonous look-alikes.

While I’m very grateful for our recent drought-breaking rains, I do wish that yummy edible mushrooms had sprung up in my yard instead of these!

Another danger sign — warty or patchy remnants of universal veil on cap

I found these at the edge of the woods bordering our property.

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