FDR State Park

our big pull through site

Our big pull through site at FDR State Park

I can’t put my finger on exactly why, but I loved camping at FDR better than I did at the more beautiful and spacious Amity Campground.  It’s odd because Amity had huge, expansive water views, while FDR’s lake is more like a large pond.

Lakeside tent sites

Lakeside tent sites

FDR is old, and maybe that’s why I like it so much.  It has a comfortably worn, down home feeling about it.  Our deeply shaded site suited us perfectly.  I felt so happy and relaxed there.

Yesterday afternoon the rain moved in, so we cocooned with games and internet until the thunderstorms started.  Then I got off the computer.

We had an '85 Scamp for a neighbor

We had an ’85 Scamp for a neighbor

Right after dinner, Sheba started whimpering like she had to go to the bathroom.  So I bundled up in rain jacket and flip flops and took her for a walk in the downpour, through the water running in the streets, while thunder boomed and lightning flashed all around us.

Sheba didn’t have to go.  She just wanted a walk.  She thoroughly enjoyed it.  And while I would never admit it to Ron, (lest I lose my martyr’s halo for walking Sheba in a storm) I also thoroughly enjoyed the walk.

The Scamp owners' son-in-law was there in an '86 Scotty.

The Scamp owners’ son-in-law was there in an ’86 Scotty.

It got cold overnight!  It went from the high 80’s on Wednesday to a damp, chilly morning in the high 50’s.  I even turned the furnace on to take the chill out of the Casita, and Ron and I both wore light jackets until around noon.

We got home around 3:00 to discover that the little veggies in my Earth Boxes are thriving.  When we drove up, Ron commented, “We can have salad for dinner!”

Blueberry flowers down by the campground bridge

Blueberry flowers down by the campground bridge

And we, of course, are already dreaming about our next trip!

Path around the lake on the cabin side

Path around the lake on the cabin side

Mountain laurel near the cabins

Mountain laurel near the cabins

Small island in the lake on the cabin side

Small island in the lake on the cabin side

Sheba watching another dog pass

Sheba watching another dog pass




Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park

Foot bridge at FDR State Park

On the way up on 27 south of Columbus, a big, shiny red motorcycle pulled up and yelled something and pointed at the trailer.  Afraid something was wrong, we rolled down the window.

Stream flowing into and through an old hollowed out stump

“Did you wax that trailer?” He called.

“Yes,” Ron replied.

The biker gave us a thumbs up and a huge smile, then sped off.

It makes me feel so good when people comment on the Poliglow.  My favorite so far was when the guy at Cotton Hill asked me if my 2005 Casita was a new trailer!

The Casita at FDR State Park

We are only two hours from home tonight.  When I bought a Friends of Georgia State Parks membership, I got a coupon for one free night’s camping.  So we decided to enjoy our freebie at FDR instead of going home.

I love this park.  It’s an old park.  We don’t see many big rigs here.  It just has water and electric — no sewer.  And some of the sites would be difficult for a big rig to get into.  So it’s mostly moderate sized

Tent campers

RVs, along with a few popups, a hybrid or two, and tents.  Maybe it’s just my perception, but this group seems to be friendlier campers than the big rig crowd.

There are a tremendous amount of things to do and see in this area.  There’s Calloway Gardens, FDR’s Little White House, Warm Springs, the Pine Mountain tourist area, and 24 miles of hiking trails.  The brochure says that some of the trails have panoramic views from Pine Mountain along with several small waterfalls.

Sunny looks like we feel this evening!

The last time Ron and I hiked here, we got lost and had a LONG road walk back.

This trip, we have both come down with a stomach bug, so don’t have energy to do anything but relax and just enjoy being here in these peaceful, rustic surroundings.

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