Slow Day at Cotton Hill

Another view of the Casita from the water, taken yesterday.

This morning was the hot, sultry kind of day that saps all of your energy and ambition.  There was a bright side, though.  It also sapped some of Sheba’s overabundant puppy energy!

A nice alternative to staying penned up

Then this afternoon clouds rolled in and thunder rumbled for a couple of hours.  We got a short little shower, then the storm moved on.  But it left cooler temperatures and a nice breeze in its wake.

While Ron visited other campers, I worked on a counted crosstitch project.  Every two hours I walked the dogs.

It is a real trip walking Sheba and Sunny together.  Sheba races out the full extension of her retractable leash, lunges for butterflies and wasps, picks up pine cones, hickory nuts and sticks, tosses them in the air and catches them, sits to examine bugs and leaves and whatever, then races madly toward Sunny, attacks him with fearsome dog fight noises, then tears off in another zig zag direction at full speed until the leash yanks her, then repeats the process the entire walk.

Bags on board. The greatest solution for carrying poop bags!

I have resisted the idea of a pinch collar, but I think when she is a little older I might consider one, primarily to avoid injury to myself!

Geese families

I’m tired today.  It felt good to just hang around camp and simply enjoy being here.

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