Last Day at Modoc

Last night's sunset

Last night’s sunset

We will be leaving tomorrow morning.  This is one of a small handful of our trips that I will be glad to see end.  It’s running an average of 8 degrees cooler at home.

Today is overcast and sweltering.  The people next to us had reservations through tomorrow, but they left today.

A little island out in the lake under gray skies.

A little island out in the lake under gray skies.

The only wildlife, other than birds, that we have seen here was one gray fox.  He was strangely unafraid of us, and in fact followed us for a short distance on the road a couple of times.  My first thought was rabies.  I meant to mention it to the host, but forgot.  Will try to report it on the way out tomorrow.

There were a lot of children running around over the weekend, and if it was going to cause trouble, I would have expected it to have already done so.  Ron suggested that it might have been one that someone tried to make a pet of when it was a baby, then released it when they discovered it wouldn’t domesticate.

Closeup of the island.

Closeup of the island.

In any case, it’s not normal behavior for a fox.

Anyway, our camping season is probably over until cooler weather arrives.


I Got the Solar System!

90 Watt portable folding solar system — includes a multi-stage PWM solar controller mounted to the back of the panels.

UPS brought my solar system today.  All I had to do was hook a permanent connector to the battery terminals, run it out through the vent louver of my battery box and plug in the panel.  To say I am thrilled is a major understatement!

Charge reading at 5:30 pm. I am thrilled!!!!

I didn’t extend the built in legs for the solar panel because at my latitude this time of year I needed only an 11 degree tilt.  So I just put a couple of boards under it.

I was very surprised to see it charging at 13.80 volts that late in the day!

Even when clouds moved over the sun and the panel was totally in overcast conditions, my meter was still showing 13.33 volts at 6:00 pm.

It came in a very nice aluminum case with foam padding to protect the panels when I’m not using them.

The solar panels came with a very nice padded aluminum case.

My only concern is the weight.  The panels themselves are only 26 pounds.  However, with the 12 pound case, the total weight is 38 pounds, which is a little hard for me to carry.   So I guess the solution is to let Ron carry the panels in the case for me.  Or use my little folding dolly.

I also plan to install my Windox Maxx vent this evening or in the morning.  I got it so I could leave a window open when it rains so I can run a fan inside the Casita for ventilation in bad weather.

The foam padded interior of the case.

The only thing we won’t be able to use with the solar panels is the air conditioner.  (We don’t carry a microwave when we camp.) So we need to either head to the mountains where it’s cool enough without air conditioning… or wait until the summer heat is past — to enjoy our new boondocking capabilities.

If you are looking for a quality portable solar system from people who really care about their customers, check out CEA Solar!  They are great people to deal with!

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