Ultra Low Carb Pancakes!

Ultra low carb pancakes

I really like low carb dieting.  I’m to the point I don’t even count calories or carbs now — just eat legal foods until I’m satisfied.  If I’m hungry, I eat.  And I’m dropping around a pound a week without any effort at all.

With my slow metabolism, that’s pretty amazing!

Usually not eating bread doesn’t bother me.  But once in a while a craving comes out of nowhere.  This evening was one of those times.

I searched for a low carb pancake recipe using only almond flour, with no Carbquick or soy.  I found one that looked good, but it made this curious statement:  “The only real difference is that they won’t “bubble” on top the same way as regular pancakes.”

Looking at the recipe, I saw why.  There was no baking powder in it.

So I added 1/4 teaspoon baking powder and the pancakes bubbled when I cooked them, and they were light,  fluffy and tender.  The taste wasn’t superb by themselves, but when I put sugar free maple syrup on them, they were wonderful!!!

So if you are low carbing and missing pancakes, do try this recipe!  Just remember to add 1/4 t. baking powder!


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