How We Pack Our Casita

Sheets, blankets and afghans

I hear so many complaints about inadequate storage space in small RVs.  The Casita and other molded fiberglass trailers, especially, have less storage area than many other campers the same size due to their rounded profiles.

I think adequate storage is a matter of perspective, though.  We pack the same whether we are planning to be gone one week or six weeks, so if we decide not to go home, we can extend our trips as long as we like.

Bath towels and wash cloths

Instead of taking a lot of clothing, we plan instead to do laundry once a week.  Rather than take a lot of weather-specific clothing, we count on layering to make our clothes multi-purpose.  For instance, except in summer, we take thermal vests, thermal underwear, a mix of long and short sleeved shirts, jeans and a couple of shorts each.  Shorts and short sleeved shirts become comfortable cool

Kitchen towels, shaving kit, small hair dryer, cell phone charger

weather hiking clothes with the addition of thermal underwear.  And jeans and long sleeved shirts become cold weather clothing with thermal undershirts and vests.  And instead of hauling around a lot of outerwear, we take jackets with zip in fleece liners.  They can be worn as wind breakers, rain jackets, fleece sweaters, or all together if the weather gets really cold.


By planning our clothing this way, our two jackets fit easily into the small closet, and all of our shirts and pants fit into two nice-sized storage baskets.

I pack food for a week’s worth of meals, with a few additional cans of chili, soup and hearty snacks.  When we are traveling, we use instant potatoes instead of trying to find space for fresh potatoes.  I also use dehydrated garlic instead of garlic bulbs (which will really stink up a trailer).  I try to


balance good taste and nutrition with how much storage space I have available.   If there’s a conflict, I’ll often choose what fits the space best.

The main concession we make to the small storage compartments is using hand towels instead of bath towels.  That way I can pack 10 towels and 10 washcloths.  Since we both have short hair, that works well for us.  And after making the mental adjustment, we don’t miss the big bath towels.

Pictures explain our system better than a lot of text would.  The key to making our system work is thinking like backpackers.  We take everything that is essential, and not much that is not.  And wherever possible, we try to make items perform more than one function.

Not having the microwave gives us a lot more pantry storage

More pantry storage under the small dinette bed. Cans of vegetables are in one drawer, soups, chili, and such are in another, packaged foods in another, with beans, tomato sauce, etc. in another. Dog food is on the right.

Essential dishes fit in one small cupboard

Silverware drawer with cooking essentials

Cleaning supplies in small cabinet underneath furnace

One large pot/pan and 3 small nesting pots. One pot is used as a mixing bowl.

Aluminum foil, plastic wrap and bags, tatting supplies, plastic box of toiletries, flashlight and tire gauge and 20 amp adapter in top cabinet over refrigerator.

Miscellaneous storage under dinette seat. Books also go here.

Tools and small hiking pack under the other dinette seat.

Clothes baskets under rear bed. Someday I'll redo the flooring and cover up the hole for the post of the original dinette table.

Our multi-purpose jackets along with purse, flip flops, toilet paper and odds and ends in the closet.

The previous owner installed a small basket in the bathroom, held by two stick-on hooks. We use it to hold shampoo while showering.


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