Amity Campground

new campsite

Our Casita at Amity COE.

Our (huge) campsite from the water.

Our (huge) campsite from the water.

We arrived at Amity Corps of Engineers campground on West Point Lake near Lanette, AL yesterday.  As pretty as our site was, it did not have much of a water view.

Since I live in deep woods, a pretty woods view was an awful lot like being home.  So today we moved to a different site that on the water that we like a lot better.

The sites here are HUGE.  They all have a paved area for an RV, a tent pad quite a distance from the paved area and a concrete picnic table with a gravel base.  I have never seen campsites this large.  And I have seen houses a lot closer than these campsites are.  It’s beautiful.

The lake

The lake

Oddly enough, here on the Alabama side, the campgrounds are almost deserted.  On the Georgia side I couldn’t get a reservation for 6 days.  Granted, there is not a lot to do here unless you love hiking, boating, fishing and just being out in nature.  But I am really surprised at how few people are here.

The trails look lovely.  I am pretty stiff from the walk with Cindy Saturday, so am not up to hiking yet.  But with a little help from Aleve, I’m hoping to remedy that!

This was our first campsite before we moved.  Beautiful, but we missed a water view.

This was our first campsite before we moved. Beautiful, but we missed a water view.

It was blisteringly hot today, near 90.  We spent the heat of the day reading outside in deep shade, enjoying the breezes off the lake.  It cooled down enough for a nice walk with the dogs late this afternoon.  Just perfect for cooking and eating outside.  And it is almost chilly outside this evening.  Lovely!

Kim is supposed to stop by for a visit tomorrow.  I’m really looking forward to seeing her!

The trail is carpeted with pine needles.

The trail is carpeted with pine needles.


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