Leaving Jennings Ferry, MiFi & Rapidwasher

We kept missing the barges this morning.  We wouldn’t hear them while we were inside the trailer, and then when we spotted one, it was moving away too fast for me to get pictures.  But Ron spotted this one and alerted me… so I didn’t have to leave Jennings Ferry without a decent photo of a tug pushing a barge after all!

We had an electrical problem in the Casita last night.  Our MiFi wouldn’t charge and the batteries died.  I tried switching outlets, making sure the GFI wasn’t tripped, etc.  Everything seemed fine.  But Ron’s computer wouldn’t charge either.

When we got home I plugged the MiFi inside the house and it charged right up.  So I’m not sure if I have an electrical problem in the trailer, or if something was wrong with the power supply at Jennings Ferry.

I’ll see if everything’s okay in the Casita tomorrow.  Sure hope it is!

The trip home seemed endless today.

But I am already ready to head out again as soon as possible.  🙂

The Rapidwasher. Mean blue laundry machine! 🙂

Oh, I did want to share a cool gadget I bought with you.  Before we left for Mississippi, I bought a PVC Rapidwasher.  I got it so that if we were somewhere where there were no laundry facilities, I could wash towels, wash cloths, undies and socks.

Since Flint Creek had such nasty washers and dryers, I did end up doing hand laundry with it in a 5 gallon bucket.  It worked better than I had hoped.  It sucks water through the clothes on both the push and pull strokes and gets a vigorous agitator effect going.  I did soak the towels in hot soapy water for 30 minutes before using the Rapidwasher, which probably contributed to its effectiveness.

Flint Creek was so wooded and casual that there was no problem stringing bungies between trees there for a clothesline.  In many places, it wouldn’t be possible to do that.

The only problem with doing laundry by hand is having to wring out the wet clothes.  It left my hands sore and chapped.  I’ll probably have to end up buying another portable laundry spinner.  The one I had for several years finally died a while back.



Almost Back in Civilization

Enjoying the water at Flint Creek

The lack of internet at Flint Creek turned out to be a great thing.  We didn’t have to hear bad news, and it felt like we were given the gift of a week out of time… almost like another dimension.

Our Casita and Gail’s van at Flint Creek

We had made our reservations two months ago.  But right before we left I checked the weather and it was grim.  Days in the mid nineties with heat indexes ranging from 101 to 109 with thunderstorms every day.

But we prayed for good weather and headed out to meet Gail and Mike anyway.  And the weather amazed us.

We had two picnic tables at Flint Creek

Our site was in dappled or deep shade all day.  Almost always there was enough breeze to keep us from stifling.  The thunderstorms never materialized.  We’d hear distant thunder and see the storm clouds approaching, but they would go around us.  The only rain we had was the first day we arrived, and it was light and didn’t last long.  The only exception was a freak wind that threatened to destroy our awning one evening.  We managed to get the awning in and get Gail’s canopy bungied to a fence, and in a few minutes it had passed.

At Jennings Ferry COE

And the water!  It was the first time we had frolicked in a sand bottom lake in many years.  We felt like kids again.

Most importantly, Gail and I had time to spend together.  It was precious to both of us.

The people from the surrounding areas were another gift out of time.  I hadn’t seen that level of courtesy and good manners in decades.  The kids were remarkably well behaved.  All week the only sounds from them were the delightful sounds of happy children playing.  No

We’re still absolutely crazy about our little Casita!

screaming.  No rudeness.  No tantrums. Please.  Thank you.  Smiles.   Ron was out walking one day and said hello to a young teenage boy.  The boy actually tipped his cap to Ron… a sign of respect for elders that I didn’t think existed anywhere anymore.   And in town, friendly waves and smiles instead of rude gestures when, due to being unfamiliar with the area, we made a couple of traffic mistakes.

We fell in love with southern Mississippi.  Seriously in love!  🙂

Oh, there was the one requisite group of belligerent drunks that showed up at the swimming beach Friday.  We felt threatened and left.  But within a few minutes a ranger showed up and escorted them out of the park.

Guess Who 🙂

We left this morning with memories that will warm us for a long time.

We drove for about 4 hours and were getting tired.  When we saw a sign for the Jennings Ferry COE campground near Eutaw, AL, we decided to stop for a couple of days.  The park is super clean with spacious, private, level sites and great views on the waterfront side.  We were surprised to see (and hear) a tug pushing a huge barge past our sites earlier this evening.  It will be fun to watch them from the shore tomorrow.

And our senior rate for this campground…. a whopping $18 for two days!



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