Heading Home Tomorrow

1923 Ford owned by one of the campers here

Our lovely vacation is drawing to a close.  Tonight’s our last night camping here at Indian Springs State Park.  We left winter weather behind and enjoyed seeing spring arrive during our month-long escape.

We feel as though the camp host, Dick, has become a dear friend.  And we met some wonderful campers.  Kathryn and Albert helped me search for a lost wallet —

Rear view of the 1923 Ford

which Ron later found in my jacket pocket after I had called the bank and canceled my debit cards and was on hold to cancel my credit cards.  So glad I had a long wait on hold.  🙂

And we really enjoyed meeting Virginia and Danny who were on their first outing in their new-to-them Shadow Cruiser.  They weren’t aware of the America the Beautiful Senior Pass that gives a 50% discount on camping fees at federal campgrounds, so it was our joy to share that

Beautiful proof that spring has really arrived!

information with them.

So now we will head home.  I’ll do some maintenance on the Aliner and probably put in my square foot vegetable garden and some flowers, and settle back into everyday home life.

But we will still plan on getting out for a week long camping trip each month.  Maybe we can make it to the Blue Ridge Mountains to cool off  in July or August when the weather is  really hot this year.

Sparkly rocks found down by the lake.

Hopefully I’ll get the Aliner paid off in July and start saving for a nice down payment on a Scamp 5th wheel, which is the larger camper Ron and I have decided would work best for us and our 6 cylinder truck.

We did go fishing this afternoon.  We didn’t even get a bite, but did enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery from the fishing dock.

And tonight there is a bright moon and beautiful stars in a clear sky.  So it’s the perfect ending to a very good trip.

Redbud trees are bursting into bloom all through the woods.

Staying One More Day

The rain is here as predicted, so we’re staying at Indian Springs State Park another night  instead of trying to drive home in bad weather.

Needless to say, we aren’t enjoying outdoor activities today, although Ron has gone to town to pick up a few more groceries.  We do a lot of recreational eating in bad weather.  🙂

I am snuggled down in the trailer, surfing right now, listening to the rain pounding on the roof.   It’s a cozy feeling.  I had to close the vent fan because rain was coming in.  But there are enough air gaps on the sides where the A frame sides fold up under the roof ledge that we still have adequate ventilation.

Will probably work on a tatting project this evening if I can find a decent pattern. I didn’t bring along a very good selection.

I have put the complicated snow flake pattern on hold until I feel like a challenge.

Added at 4:37 p.m.:

The rain has continued all day, and we have been cooped up together in a 6 x 12′ box.  We are still contented and are entertaining ourselves.  We surf, read, and I am tatting a pretty rose pattern in variegated shades of mauve.  Sunny has slept most of the day.

I think that is a pretty good indication that we could full time — or at least travel extensively — in a very small RV without driving each other bananas.

Our longest trip so far in the Aliner has been two months, and although it did get a little small at times, we enjoyed the trip.  So I think that a Scamp 5th wheel would be plenty big for us when we eventually upgrade.  Especially if we added an awning and a screen room.

As you can see, I am also daydreaming this rainy day away.  🙂

Last Day at Indian Springs

View of the Aliner from the next campground

Today was another beautiful day.  Tomorrow we head home.  Tomorrow’s weather forecast predicts 100% thunderstorms.  If it’s too bad in the morning to travel, we might stay here one more day.  But Ron is antsy to get home as he needs to get a prescription filled.

I, on the other hand, would be happy to never go home!  🙂

This stump holds water and reminded me of a doggie bowl for wildlife.

The oldest camper (see yesterday’s post) is back from visiting her friend, so tonight is actually her first overnight camping trip.

On our walk today, I gave up trying to get nice landscapes until things green up a bit.  Instead I concentrated on trying to find interesting details to photograph.

Fishing pier at Campground #1

Fishing pier at Campground #1

Part of what makes staying here so wonderful is the camp host, Dick.  He is the friendliest camp host I have ever met and goes out of his way to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

He has been here for two years and is fulltiming (with his dog Willie) in a tiny Tab.  But he did say that he wants to get something a little bigger–maybe in the 22 foot range.

We built a cheery camp fire this evening that made sitting outside in the chilly evening a memorable way to end our vacation.

Above ground tree roots

Campground #1 is closed until the crowds pick up a bit. I liked it even better than our Campground #2.

Field garlic along the roadside

Attractive site in Campground #2

Terraced campsites in Campground #1

Dick, the world's friendliest camp host with Willie

Ron and the camp fire

Indian Springs and Oldest Camper

View of the Aliner from the lake's edge

Nice weather finally arrived today–the sun came out!  We were comfortable outside wearing light jackets.

On the way to town today, we passed a gorgeous camellia tree bursting with red blossoms.  I told Ron to be sure to stop on the way back so I could get a photo.

I shot the photo, perched on the edge on a steep ditch bank, teetering precariously,  to keep from trespassing on the people’s yard.  But oh, what a sight those red flowers were after our gray and brown winter!

Back at the campground, we met a new neighbor.  Her name is Mrs. Thompson, she is 89 years old, and this is her first camping trip.  Her 19 year old dog, Shorty, accompanied her.  She is here with her daughter, a retired school teacher.

First time campers -- Mrs. Thompson, 89, and her dog Shorty, 19


Red camellia tree in Jackson, GA

Cold, windy day at Indian Springs State Park

Ron and Sunny near the spring house

Today was chilly with cold wind, so we didn’t spend a lot of time outside.

We did get out and look around the park.  There is much history here, but I’m not energetic enough to type it all out this evening.  The stone buildings, as is common in state parks in the region, were built by the CCC under Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The swimming and boating areas are beautiful.  Picnic shelters and areas are very

The spring house

The spring itself with a whopping 1 gallon per minute output 🙂

Swimming/boating area

Picnic tables near the spring

One of the picnic pavilions

Playground near the swimming beach

More of the stone buildings built by the CCC

attractive, and there is a nice playground for children, as well as miniature golf and a museum in season.  Unfortunately, it’s not in season now.  🙂

The spring, touted (and marketed) in the past as having medicinal powers, puts out an underwhelming one gallon per minute year round.  Even so, in the early 1820’s, the area grew into a resort community.

An illegal treaty that dispossessed the Creek Indians of their Georgia lands was signed here, as was a later legal treaty.

According to park literature, the mineral spring has been open to the public since 1825, making it the oldest state park in the nation.  But there is also a warning in the brochure that the water is not potable!



Rainy Days and Books

The Aliner perched over the lake at Indian Springs

Yesterday it threatened to rain all day with intermittent sprinkles.  But as soon as we got the Aliner set up at Indian Springs State Park, the sun peeked out for a while and blue skies appeared!

It didn’t last long.  It rained on and off all night and all day today.  We drove into the small town of Jackson and bought groceries and propane.  On the way back, I dodged raindrops to get photos of a couple of the old ruins and the cemetery here in the park.

I will go back tomorrow after the rain has stopped and learn more about the history.  All I know right now is that the ruins are intriguing.

The view from our rear window

Side window view

Intriguing ruins

Ruins by the old cemetery

The cemetery

More of the cemetery

Another part of the cemetery

Since the weather wasn’t anything I wanted to be out in, I spent the entire day gloriously buried in a book I had picked up at a thrift store a couple of days ago.  I haven’t spent an entire day reading in decades, and it felt positively decadent!

I had planned to cook a big pot of beans tonight as the weather was so gloomy and I thought it would be great comfort food.  But we didn’t get back from town until 3:00, so it was too late to start them.  Instead, I put them on to soak for tomorrow, and made a big pot of chicken and rice instead.  The smell of it simmering as I read only added to my feeling of insulated contentment.

And now–back to my book.  I hope to finish it this evening!

Heading Home

Sunny wasn't feeling well the past few days. Here he is snuggled up in his jacket on Ron's pillow.

We left Indian Springs State Park as late as we could today.  Checkout time is 1:00, and we pulled out around 12:30.

We stopped and chatted with Dick, the camp host on our way out.  He has been there 2-1/2 years and the park has asked him to stay another 6 months.  He is fulltiming in a tiny T@b!

On the way out, I got a photo of the swimming beach from the road.  Another thing to check out on a future warm-weather visit.

The trip home was uneventful, except for Ron’s burrito supreme oozing out onto the truck seat. 🙂

I have discovered something about myself.  When we travel on interstates or on roads I am familiar with, traveling is pretty boring.  But as soon as we get off onto a state or country road that I have not been on before, I am so excited I can hardly stand it to see what’s around the next curve.  It’s a childlike joy of discovery.

I AM easily entertained!  😀

A view of the swimming beach from the road

Our favorite town that we pass through on our trips to Florida is Noonan, Georgia.  It prides itself on having a beautifully restored historic district.  It reminds me of the Gone with the Wind era.

When we were almost home, we stopped by the post office right before they closed.  It was jam packed, and I was very uneasy waiting in the truck, taking up too much space with the trailer, while Ron went in to pick up our mail.

We are finally home and it feels good to have room to spread out and unwind.

Here are some photos of the old houses in Noonan.  They were taken from a moving vehicle, so aren’t the greatest.  But the old houses are so lovely.

Indian Springs State Park, GA

Our site at Indian Springs State Park

Our site at Indian Springs State Park

Our little Aliner is parked at Indian Springs State Park in Middle Georgia tonight.  It’s a gorgeous place.  There are very few campers here, so it is peaceful and very private.

Turning off I-75 onto Highway 42 felt like entering another world.   It’s a curving, two lane, very rural road still sporting autumn colored scenery, with several cattle operations along the way.

behind our site

Our back yard

We built a camp fire, and Ron grilled burgers.  As we were sitting around the fire after dark, Ron remarked, “This is real camping!”  It couldn’t have been a more relaxed and satisfying camping experience.

There is so much here to explore, but unfortunately we don’t have time to check out the Creek Indian museum, the springs, or any of the other beautiful sights.  We definitely plan on coming back when we can spend more time.

view from our deck

View from our deck

at the park entrance

At the park entrance

Ron gathering kindling

Ron gathering kindling with Sunny supervising

Ron preparing kindling

Ron preparing the kindling

me starting the fire

Me starting the fire. I was prepared with LOTS of paper towels!

got the fire going

I got the fire going!

Ron grilling burgers

Ron grilling burgers

We did discover that this is the oldest state park in the country.  Amazing that it is still so unspoiled.

Oh… I did want to mention the camp host.  He is probably the friendliest and most helpful camp host I’ve ever run into.  His name is Dick.  I’m curious to find out if he is here year round or not.  He seemed genuinely disappointed to hear that we were only staying one night.


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