Casita Art by Horst Kelly

Photo by Horst Kelly.  To see the photo in all it's glory take a look at

Photo by Horst Kelly. To see the photo in all it’s glory take a look at

I have tried countless times today to get a decent picture of Horst’s photo in my Casita, but the reflections make it impossible.  Sorry for displaying your beautiful work so poorly, Horst.  🙂

The first time I saw Horst’s header photo I had a very hard time leaving the web page.  I was simply lost in the wonder his camera had captured.  There is something about it that transcends time and space.  I almost felt transported to another dimension…. the distant past tinged with eternity somehow.  The colorful mountain peaks seemed to reflect the glory of a not-too-distant heaven.

Rarely has a work of art transported my mind, soul and spirit so powerfully.

I wanted that picture!  But I knew there was no way on earth Horst would ever part with his header photo.  So I browsed through his galleries to see if I could find a similar picture I could buy.

And there, in the gallery, was that photo!  It was in natural color, not supersaturated like his header photo was.  And the supersaturation was the element that turned the photo into pure magic to me.

So I wrote Horst and told him how powerfully his photo had impacted me and asked if I could buy it.

His gracious response almost blew me away.  Not only did he send me an 8 x 10 for my Casita, but also sent me a 16 x 22 for my house.

I waited so long to mount it because I couldn’t find a frame I liked.  I had almost decided to just slide it into a protective sleeve and mount it that way.  Then I found this simple frame that I thought would be perfect in the Casita… so I finally got my treasure mounted where it belonged.

Now, whether propped up in my bed reading or doing crosswords, or taking a nap — or whenever — I can journey to the magical dimension that Horst captured so spectacularly.

So Horst, I still don’t have words to express how much I love that photo.  So again, I will simply say thank you.



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