My Hiding Place

Where I go to escape the world.  :)

Where I go to escape the world. 🙂

When I’m stressed out, or when I can’t sleep — or when I just need a little space of my own — I hide out in the Casita.

Remember the old song from Paint Your Wagon —  A Million Miles Away Outside My Door?  That’s how I feel when I’m snuggled down for a nap out there.  I also use Ron’s bed then.  His is 3″ wider than mine, and that makes a unbelievable difference in comfort.

I don’t know why I offered him the bigger bed.  I’m a lot fatter than he is!  Just doing the wifely thing, I guess.  But it sure is fun to get to enjoy the big bed now and then.

The RV guy came today.  The new furnace part didn’t fit exactly like the old one did, so he had to take it out and fiddle with it for a while.  But it’s finally working — beautifully.

He had injured his leg and was in an ankle-hip brace, so was unable to stoop to rework my battery wiring.  He said February is his slowest month, so I’ll make a shopping list of all kinds of little projects I’d like done then.

We’ve got reservations to camp with Cozygirl and Mr. Jerry for 3 nights next week.  It looks like the weather will be warmer than we originally expected.  In the low 70’s!

After that I want to head to another COE on the AL/GA border far enough south that the days will also be in the 70’s there.

And just catch up on camping, on quiet, and on the glories of autumn creation.  🙂



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