Packing, Homemade Tea & Pretty Little Edibles

Beautiful little henbit flowers

Beautiful little henbit flowers

The dogs are groomed, the trailer bearings have been checked, and I’m packing for the trip now.  Finally!  It has been WAY too long since we’ve gotten out!

I took photos of the beautiful, edible little spring yard weeds today.  Didn’t have time to do anything with them… maybe tomorrow.

Dandelions and chickweed

Dandelions and chickweed

The other day I had peeled several oranges.  I have used the peel in cooking before, in addition to grating the zest.  I wondered if they would make a decent tea.  So I left the peels on the counter a couple of days until they were brittle and dry, then ran them through the blender.  Then I ran a few cloves through the coffee grinder and stirred them in.

I LOVED the tea.  Ron hated it!  Anyway, I’m thrilled to have a nice supply on hand.

Orange tea with cloves

Orange tea with cloves



I’m not sure what the little violet-like flower is. We have several different kinds of violets here including wood violet and birdsfoot violet. It might be a wild escape from when i grew tri-color violas one year.

More henbit and chickweed

More henbit and chickweed

A fuzzy picture of Sunny, freshly groomed.  He hates to have his picture taken!

A fuzzy picture of Sunny, freshly groomed. He hates to have his picture taken!

Sheba, clean, fluffy and good smelling!

Sheba, clean, fluffy and good smelling!







Spring — Already!

Tiny little henbit flowers

I can hardly wrap my mind around the fact that spring is here again.  Or that I have lived here for so many years and photographed the same little flowers– or their parents — for so many springs.  Yet, their welcome little faces are always new to me.

White daffodils

Everything is very early this year due to our non-winter.  The daffodils are almost finished.  Only 3 blooms remain.

Hope you enjoy the familiar nature show.  🙂

Perennial vinca comes back every year around our front porch.

Sweet little bluets carpet the open woods

These tasteless little Indian strawberries have almost completely crowded out the delicious wild strawberries.

Not sure what these are. I think they are crabapple flower buds.

New fig leaves

New rosebud

Last year's green onions are blooming


A bumper crop of dandelions is on the way!

Moss on an old plum tree

The white plum flowers have fallen. Now baby plums are on the way.

Spring creeps into my yard

Daffodils in our front yard

Spring is finally making herself at home in our yard.  I thought I’d share a few photos I took this afternoon.

Front view of their sweet faces

Crabapple buds

This one is ready to pop open

In an EarthBox, onions bloom

Little wild henbit flowers

And then my new camera ran out of memory, so I will have to order more this evening.

Ron and I definitely decided last night that we will order a Casita Liberty Deluxe travel trailer this fall.  It’s the only one that meets our need for excellent, lasting quality in a size that we can tow with our 6 cylinder Chevy pickup.

Now that the decision is made, the pressure is off.  Just have to pay off the Aliner and save up a nice down payment!

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