Trip Anticipation!

I got our mail handling account set up with St. Brendan’s Isle in Green Cove Springs, Florida last week.  It’s so exciting!  Now I won’t have to worry about trying to find someone to collect and forward our mail when we are on the road.  And I won’t have to worry about getting home within the 30 day window the Post Office will hold our mail — whether I’m ready to go home or not.

Between trips, the account goes inactive, but can be reactivated any time we get itchy feet.

A scene similar to ones I remember from early childhood.  Photo is from

A scene similar to ones I remember from early childhood in Green Cove. Photo is from

What is really fantastic about having a Green Cove Springs address is that was my home when I was a little girl.  We moved away before I went into first grade, and very rarely went back there.  So I don’t remember too much about it.  And I certainly couldn’t find my way around in it now.  (I’ve also read that has become run-down and a little seedy over the years.) But it’s kind of cool to have that anchor to my roots again.

Ron and I are both enjoying a Thanksgiving afterglow of peace and contentment.

Thanksgiving.  Gratitude.  It really does do wonders for the soul.

And relationships!

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