Ron and I made a pact tonight.

In November, when we head for Florida to visit family, we are going to plan to keep traveling until spring.  We’ll come home when either we get tired of camping, or when the grass starts growing in spring and we have to be home to take care of it.

That should answer a lot of questions about whether we really would like to fulltime or not.

I think the answer will be that we really do want a sticks and bricks home.  If I knew I could travel in warm places all winter, I’d be much happier settling down in the summer, putting in a garden, and maybe doing some canning and preserving again.

Right now I see those activities as tying me down and keeping me from traveling.  But if we essentially decided to be snowbirds, then it would be a lot more satisfying staying home in summer when it’s too hot to enjoy traveling anyway.

There’s a lot I need to accomplish this year.  I will buckle down and get the trailer paid off — hopefully in September.  And I want to get a high-rise axle and 15″ load D tires on the Casita, maybe in early November.  And somewhere along the line I need a solar system so we can take advantage of cheap camping without hookups.

So, we have a dream, a goal, a semi-plan, and a lot of work to do to make this happen!


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