Back at Mom’s

Japanese honeysuckle blooming in late November

We arrived at Mom’s house Monday afternoon.  Gail was here waiting for us, and Mike had already headed to Jacksonville to visit his children.

We are parked in our usual spaces under the big live oak tree in front of Dad’s old shed where the electric outlets are.  Last time we were here we tripped a breaker, so Gail is plugged into Mom’s back porch now.

Two of the horses next door

Mom, Hope, Gail and I have had a wonderful time visiting.  Gail and I sat outside until late this evening enjoying the warmth and ambiance of the propane campfire.

Ann has gone to Jacksonville to pick up AJ, and our baby sister Jeannie and her husband will be here tomorrow, too.  Cecil and Ron had a good time visiting this evening when Cecil got off work.

So we are home again, and all is right with our world.  🙂

Our camp — Gail’s van and our Casita on either side of Daddy’s shed

Sheba has spent the day barking at the horses next door, who completely ignore her.  Sunny enjoyed playing with the neighbor’s little chihuahua.

And to my absolute delight, Sheba has not jumped on anyone since we got here.  She still wants to, but has finally learned that people like her a lot better when she doesn’t!

Inside Gail’s van

The shower in the Casita is draining well now, so that’s a relief.  But the furnace is making funny noises like the fan is hitting on something, so I’ll take the cover off and see if I can see anything loose tomorrow.

I just love Gail’s van.  If I ever have another RV, it would be so much fun to get a van and build the interior to suit myself like she did.  It feels so cozy and homey inside!

Another shot of Gail’s van



DIY Camper Van and No Camping

I got the article about Gail’s van finished.  You can click on the tab on the header to check it out.

It’s been just warm enough that I am bursting to get out camping.  But in looking at the 10 day forecast, the highs are going to be in the 50’s.  That might work is it was also going to be sunny, but with some rain predicted, it might be like it was today.  Although the thermometer said it was warm, it was not a day I wanted to spend any time outside in.

Instead, I need to concentrate on getting the valances made for the Casita and catching up on a lot of indoor projects that I’ve seriously neglected since our trip in November/December.

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