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My blog was designed to be a fun place.  A place where I could escape the mundane and boring, and share things I found fun and intriguing.  Not only for my treasured visitors’ sakes, but also for my own.  A happy place that highlights things I want to remember forever.

The camp host told us that this was a beach rat

The camp host told us that this was a beach rat

Like the adorable face of an otherwise disgusting beach rat at Ft. Pickens. 

Gorgeous pink and yellow Florida lantana flowers. 

Sunny and Sheba enjoying the outdoors.

The Aliner (years ago) perched high on a cliff on a spot that challenged my trailer backing up skills to the limit.

And even the Casita mods and fixes that I find so rewarding.

All this is to say is that my blog is veering off into a direction I don’t want it to go.  Like the bathroom remodel.

Aliner at R. Shaeffer Heard COE

Aliner at R. Shaeffer Heard COE

I am not in great health.  And the constant cloudy weather this year is taking its toll.  My doctor told me yesterday that I’m suffering from depression.  I guess that’s why the bathroom project holds no joy for me and is something I simply must get done.

I declined antidepressants this time.  I’ll see if getting exercise and getting outside and photographing the mushrooms, nature shots and such that I love can help snap me out of it.  If not, I’ll accept them the next time I see her in a couple of months.

The dunes at Hunting Island

The dunes at Hunting Island

In the meantime, I will continue to plod away on the bathroom remodel and repair because it is something that must be done.  But I’m not going to post about it.  It’s like a 9-5 job that you must do but the time away from it is the time you really live and enjoy life.

And I want this blog to be a permanent reminder of my good times and the beauty that takes my breath away.  🙂

Wild lantana at our campground

Wild lantana at our campground





Time Between Camping Trips :)

We’re planning to attend a Casita Rally in Cherokee in October, followed by another week’s camping at Lake Allatoona.

In the meantime, I’m running out of things to do for fun. Normally, I would be entertaining myself hunting fall mushrooms, packing them in the dehydrator, and hoarding up a supply to last me through winter. But our exceptional drought has made that impossible.

So… on my mushroom board, there’s a poetry corner where people write mushroom related verses. I hadn’t written any verse in decades, but it’s been really fun putting my frustration with the drought in rhyme.

So, to prove how bored I’ve been lately, I offer the following!

I long for the patter of rain,
But fluffy white clouds do not deign
to give up a drop,
not even a plop,
This drought is a mushroomer’s bane.

Gray thunderclouds sailed by today
Then carelessly floated away
But still I can smile
at least, for a while,
They say it may rain for four days!

Gray banks of clouds obscured the sky
and dimmed the sun, but that is all.
It seems this dusty, arid, dry
event will last throughout the fall.

So I’ll just hold the dream in mind
of soft, warm rains and fairy rings,
And when they come, I’m sure I’ll find
much sweeter, yet, the shrooms of spring.

98.2 Degrees Today

Our high today was predicted to be 90, but it actually got up to 98.2   I hibernated inside until the sun went behind the trees, then got the bed covers on the camper beds and cleaned it up for the trip.

Tomorrow I’ll pack the sheets, blankets, towels and start packing clothes.  I’ll wait to pack the food until Monday.  We plan to leave Tuesday or Wednesday.

This is what my Flowerpiece by Mary Konior doily is supposed to end up looking like.

I took a break for a couple of days working on my doily.  Will get back onto it this evening.  The picture on the left is from the book Visual Patterns by Mary Konior, and shows what it is supposed to end up looking like.  The pink and aqua photo is what mine actually looks like at this point.

I lightly steamed it to get the ruffles out, but some of the chains are out of whack now.  I sure hope that adding the flower border will pull them all back into shape.

My doily in progress.

And the ukulele is FUN now.  The lessons have moved onto different rhythmic strums.  It’s a challenge, but it is sheer pleasure.

I hope Ron’s patience at listening to me practice holds out.  So far he’s being a great sport about it.

Tatting is FUN Again!

Greeting card with tatted flowers and butterfly

For the past few weeks, tatting hasn’t been as much fun as it used to be.  I attributed it to burning myself out by rushing to get my tatted Christmas gifts done on time.

But for some reason it felt like I was fighting the tatting instead flowing with it.  I just wasn’t enjoying it very much anymore.

Then last evening I decided to pick up my neglected little Clover shuttles just because they looked so cute.  I started doing the tatted Briar Fragments from Mary Konoir’s Visual Patterns.

The old magic was back!  The tatting flowed with the soothing rhythm I remembered.  And it was FUN!

I had switched to Aero shuttles back in November because they seemed so practical.  They have removable bobbins, so I wouldn’t have to tie up a shuttle with unused thread from a previous project.  I could just wind a bobbin with the new color, pop it into the Aero and go.  Or I could pop in any bobbin that already had thread on it and start tatting.  The little hook was perfect for tight joins that I couldn’t do with the Clover’s pick.

So even though my hands felt awkward working with the Aeros, I stuck with them because they just made so much sense.  But their length was a continual irritation.

I ended up cutting the bobbin winders off two of the Aeros to make them shorter.  They worked a LOT better that way.  Comfortable tatting.  But still no magic.

My small collection of shuttles: Sew Mates, Clovers, modified Aeros, and Aeros. I've ordered 10 more Clovers.

So last night, as soon as I realized how perfect the Clovers are for my style of tatting, I ordered two more packs of 5.

I still have to keep an Aero handy when I use the Clovers so I can use the hook in tiny joining picots.  But considering the joy I feel working with the Clovers, it’s worth having to keep an extra tool in reach when I use them!

Family Get-together at Mom’s

We left Hillsborough River on Friday, March 26 for a final family get-together at Mom’s with Gail and Mike on Saturday before their move to Texas.  Note the yellow ribbon around the old live oak tree!

Mom has 5 rural acres, so we were pleased to have free camping!  There is also a septic tank where a mobile home site used to be, so we also had our own private dump station!

Joan and Jerry had just arrived home from a trip to Tennessee when Mom called and told them Gail and Mike were coming to her house.  So Joan and Jerry jumped back into the car and headed to Live Oak.  Although Jerry is older than the rest of us, he has more energy than all of us put together!

This was the most wonderful family get-together we had in a long time.  Nothing but joy and love, mixed in with a subtle sadness that our little family was going to be geographically split apart.

And some of us wondered if we’d all be able to get together again.

But mostly it was laughter and just the fun of being together today.

Ron and I were fortunate because we knew that we would see Gail and Mike again next weekend to help with loading the truck.

Joan and Jerry

Joan and Jerry

Ron and Joan

Ron (my husband) and Joan

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