Clarkco State Park, Quitman, MS

Overnighting at Clarkco State Park

We were unable to make reservations for this evening, as ReserveAmerica requires a two-day reservation for weekends.  But I checked to see if any sites were available, and there were several.  I was surprised, but happy!

A Standard site

All the campsites here (except the primitive section) have full hookups.  There are Premium sites for $24.00 per night, or Standard sites for $20.00.  I couldn’t really tell much difference between the two.  Maybe the Premium sites are bigger and more private.  The senior discount only applied toward the standard sites, so we opted for that — for $14.00 per night.  Not bad for full hookups!  🙂

A woman fishing. I hope she caught some nice ones!

After we got set up, I walked inside the Casita and was struck anew by how pretty and nice it is.  I think we have the most beautiful little trailer in the whole world!  I feel so very blessed to have it!

We were both tired and hungry when we got here this evening.  So I mixed up some coleslaw and threw hot dogs on the grill.  I am not about to admit how many hot dogs I ate.  But they were SO good!

I took the plastic storage drawers out from under my bed this evening and put them on the seat next to the rear twin bed so that Sheba could have the resulting cave to sleep in.  Instead she is sprawled out in front of the door.  So I guess I’ll leave my storage in place the rest of the trip.  I can’t believe that she prefers to be stepped over — and sometimes on — than to curl up in that safe little cave.

A waterfront site

We should meet up with Gail and Mike at Flint Creek Water Park tomorrow afternoon.

Walter F. George Reservoir Campgrounds

View from Pine Island campground

Today we checked out all three campgrounds here at Walter F. George lake.  They are all spectacular in different ways.

Pine Island

The big expanse of water I was looking for is visible from both the Pine Island campground and some of the sites in the Old Mill Road campground.

The Pine Island campground has a large swimming beach, while the Old Mill Road campground at the other end of the lake has all kinds of convoluted little inlets and gator warning signs!

Our campground, Marina View, has the least shade of the three.  And several of the big rig pull through sites here have a view of only a canal that connects to the lake. However, a lot of boaters like them because there is also parking for their boats.  And a couple of fishermen simply leave their boats in the water.

The swimming beach at Pine Island campground

We saw tenters also in the Old Mill Road loop.

Today, since Sheba chewed Sunny’s eye drops bottle, I had to have my vet at home call in a prescription to a vet in Blakely, about 25 miles from here.  Sunny can’t do without his medication for even a couple of days without the artery in his eye enlarging and turning his pupil bright red, and the rest of his eyes looking like hamburger.  I was so grateful we were able to get the prescription filled locally without having to pay an expensive vet bill.

Crystal clear water

We also had a visitor today who looked at the Casita and exclaimed, “That is the cutest little camper I’ve ever seen!  Is it new?”  He was pretty surprised when I told him it was a 2005.  I asked him if he would like to see the inside, and he was thrilled.

We passed his campsite later while walking the dogs and he enthusiastically told his neighbors, “These are the people in that cute little camper down there!”

View from Old Mill Road campground

Sheba is also getting a lot of fawning attention from the other campers.  Unfortunately she goes into her hyper emotionally out of control puppy mode when she meets strangers.  She just loves everyone–and can really be pretty obnoxious about wanting to jump all over them.  I am surprised at how much energy it takes to camp with a puppy.  She is so good all day, staying in her pen most of the time.

Wide view from Old Mill Road campground

Every time we take her for a walk, we end it with letting her jump in the lake–leashed – after carefully scanning the area for gators.    So by the time she gets in the trailer at night, she has burned off most of her excess energy.

Then she only does minor things — like pulling paper towels out of the trash and chewing them to pieces.

I will REALLY be glad when she gets a little older and calms down a bit!

Gator habitat at Old Mill Road loop

We are really enjoying our stay here.  We have full hookups for only $12 a night with our senior pass!

Old Mill Road has several gator warning signs

Cypress trees by the boat launch area


The geese casually paraded within 5 feet of where I was standing

The marina from Old Mill Road campground

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