While We’re Waiting….

The curtain is up -- deliberately overlapped in the center for privacy

The curtain is up — deliberately overlapped in the center for privacy

While we are waiting for the air conditioner part for the house to come in, I’ve decided to do a few more little mods on the Casita that will make our next camping trip more organized.

First, the front door curtain is finally up.  It is overlapped in the center, which should provide maximum privacy when we are emerging from the shower.  It blocks a lot more light than you would think from the photo.  In fact, it feels like a dungeon in there with the curtain up!  And the dowel with the cup hook on the end hangs down to the door latch opening and makes it easy to open and close the curtain with the screen door in place.

I riveted standard rod holders to the door, painted white to match the door.  That should make it less noticeable when the door is propped open during the day while the curtain is stored in the closet.

The regular curtain rod I was going to use wouldn’t work.  The finials were so long that they prevented the screen door from latching to the main door.  So I had to use a skinnier rod, without finials, and am temporarily keeping the curtains from sliding out of the rod holder with split rings.  Someday I’ll come up with a better solution!

Tomorrow I plan to mount some more cabinet racks.  I want to add an additional one to the inside of the closet door to hold insect repellant, sunscreen, and such.

The existing rack in the bathroom is rusted, so I’ll replace it.  And if I can find a satisfactory place to mount a holder for shampoo, body wash, lotion and mouthwash in there, I’ll do that, too.

I also need to devise a slim box for  my mushroom reference books that will fit under our clothes baskets underneath the rear bed.  They are frightfully expensive books, and they’ve gotten roughed up a bit on previous trips.   I don’t leave home without them.  🙂

By putting the heavy books in the rear of the trailer, it will also help get some of the excessive weight off the trailer’s tongue.

So I’m just piddling along until we can finally get on the road.

If the air conditioner part takes too long to get here, I may run out of projects and have to start deep-cleaning the house.

I sure hope that part gets here soon!  😀

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