A Meandering Kind of Day

Late this afternoon I started out to work on the camper.  But before I started, I decided that I needed to dig some compost around the pole beans.

Then I noticed that the bunny fence needed attention, so I cut the hardware cloth in half so it would cover twice as much garden area, then rearranged and replaced the fence.

Then I remembered the periwinkles that needed thinning, so replanted some of them in the big planter in the front yard.

Then I weeded the garden, drug the hose around, watered the lima beans, then drug it out front to water the newly planted flowers….

Then the sun was going down and I never did get around to the camper.

Tomorrow is my day to rest, relax, and bury myself in a good book.

So Monday I’ll get back to working on the camper!

Another Tatted Flower

Tatted flower and leaves

I love this sweet little tatted flower that I finished last night.  It’s now in a frame and is part of my tatted motif wall grouping.

I am making another one like it to use on a card for a friend.

I did get some seeds started.  It was a little late to start  broccoli and lettuce, but they are up now, and I think they’ll be okay.   I also got some sugar snap peas planted a few days ago.

It’s been a pretty cool March, so maybe it will stay cool for a while for those cold-loving plants.  It’s hard to guess what the weather might do anymore, though.

I’ve been so focused on paying off the Aliner, putting every penny I can into it, that I was starting to feel poverty stricken and deprived!  So tonight I went shopping and bought a sewing machine to replace the one that died, along with new scissors, bobbins, needles and notions.  It helped a lot!  🙂

So now I can alter the 4 pairs of jeans that don’t fit right… and I can probably find enough sewing projects to procrastinate working on the camper for a few more days!

Tatted Spring Flower Motif — Framed

Framed tatted flower motif

I love this little flower motif!

I had done it several times for Christmas gifts, but this is the first time I’ve done it for myself.

I had trouble getting my clover petals close enough that a small amount of thread didn’t show between them, but it is still sweet.

This is a modification of one of Nancy Tracy’s free patterns.  Here is the original pattern.

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