Doll Mountain

Our site at Doll Mountain

Our site at Doll Mountain

We weren’t sure whether or not we would be able to be able to go camping this morning.  The news said that there was flash flooding in Ellijay and East Ellijay, people were being evacuated, and some of the roads were closed.

Ron and Sheba.  The campground road is a series of hairpin turns.

Ron and Sheba. The campground road is a series of hairpin turns.

Ellijay is very near Doll Mountain.

So I checked the weather alerts online and they confirmed our worst fears.

But I decided to call the campground and get firsthand information.  The campground host said they hadn’t heard anything about problems with access to the campground.  She took my name and number and said she would check and call me back.

She called back with an all clear.  The flooding was south of our route.  And the rain stopped shortly after we left home.

A tent site

A tent site

So here we are in this beautiful, recently remodeled campground.

The weather has been perfect.  We’ve had our windows open all day with just the fan running.  No air conditioning needed.  Also, our campsite is in deep shade and there has been a nice breeze.   Amazing for August 1.

The area is a mushroomer’s heaven.  I found baby chanterelles at the back of our campground.  Only someone else saw them, too, and kicked them over and stepped on them.  I also found another one that was damaged, along with several other different kinds of inedible ones.

The late afternoon sun made this blowdown look like it was on fire.

The late afternoon sun made this blowdown look like it was on fire.

However, the terrain is steep!  The only level ground here is on the road and on the campsites.  I tried to check out the area behind our site and would have slid down the hill if I hadn’t been able to grab a tree.  Getting back up was an adventure, even with the help of my hiking stick.

But tomorrow is another beautiful day to explore!  It’s supposed to be partly cloudy, with no rain predicted!

We did have one mishap.  Somewhere on the way here we lost our lower refrigerator vent cover.  We didn’t hit anything.  The only thing I can figure is I must not have had all the little plastic screws in the right position and the wind caught it and ripped it off.  Only the lower left corner of the vent remains.

The missing refrigerator vent

The missing refrigerator vent

There are no RV repair places near here, and if there were, they would probably have to order the part.  So I called Casita.  Their parts department was closed for the day.  I left a message for them to call me first thing in the morning.  The camp host said I could have them ship a part here.

It’s supposed to rain day after tomorrow.  If it does, I will rig up an awning for the vent, taping a trash bag to the top of the vent and tying the bottom to rocks placed a bit out from the trailer.  That should keep the rain out and still allow air intake.

The uphill sewer connection

The uphill sewer connection (edited to add, I don’t think it’s a sewer connection after all.)

In the meantime, it’s just beautiful here.  We spent the evening sitting outside listening to the night sounds, mesmerized by the flame from our torches.  And wondering why an occasional bug will fly directly into the flame.

And why the Army Corps of Engineers installed our sewer hookup uphill.  😀


(on edit — I don’t think it’s a sewer connection.)

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