Pump House Fire

After they got the flames out

After they got the flames out

Whenever it gets below 13 degrees here, which is very rare, the contacts on our pump shrink and we lose water.  Ron has to go out and push the contacts together and it’s usually fine.

It did get down to 4 last night.  And this morning we had no water.  So Ron went out to push the contacts together.  He apparently touched the wrong thing and it sparked, then a fire started.

Huge orange flames were shooting up and I was terrified it would get into the woods.  But the fire department got here before it had time to spread.  Thank God!

So now we have no water and no pump.  I have a call in to my insurance agent.

We do have some water stored and Ron is going to Walmart to get more drinking water so we will be fine.  But no laundry or showers for a while.

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