Camping Plans

aliner at gails

Driveway camping in the Aliner at Gail’s house in December 2010.

We were trying to be conservative with our travel budget this year due to the new roof and other unexpected expenses.

However, the government shutdown with its loss of affordable camping for us gave us a priority check.  Since another shutdown looms February 7, we decided we’d better get out and enjoy camping while we can.

So we are planning to visit my sister Gail in East Texas for Christmas.  It’s been three years since we’ve been there.  The photo shows us driveway camping at their house in December 2010.  Since the Casita is the same length as the Aliner Expedition’s frame was (17′) we know we will fit.

Of course, Gail didn’t have her van back then, so we might have to do some creative parking!

We will take our time getting there, camping a couple of days here and there along the way.

At the Stephen Foster State Park Festival of Lights in December 2011.

At the Stephen Foster State Park Festival of Lights in December 2011.

We will probably head to North Florida after we leave Texas.  We would like to meet up with Peggy for a couple of days at Stephen Foster State Park.

The last time we were at Stephen Foster was right before Christmas in December 2011  to enjoy their Festival of Lights.

It is turning cold here.  Friday night it is supposed to get down to 28 degrees.  Since I’m a fair weather camper, our upcoming trips will probably be pretty cold for me.

But the alternative is staying home, and I just can’t bear to do that!

I am going to have the Casita furnace repaired so we won’t have to rely on the little one pound propane canisters if we are without hookups.  I’ve got a guy coming out to look at the furnace Wednesday.  Then, as soon as he can order the parts and get it fixed, we want to head out to meet up with Cozygirl for a couple days camping in Alabama in early November.

I notice that WordPress is inserting ads now.  While I love their free blog service, I, very selfishly, don’t want their ads on mine!  So I am thinking of moving my blog to my own domain.  It’s just a case of gearing up to do the switch.

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