Our Gypsy Caravan

Gail's van and our Casita at Mom's, plugged into Daddy's old tool shed.

Gail’s van and our Casita at Mom’s, plugged into Dad’s old tool shed.

Ron felt much better today, but not up to anything that required a lot of energy.  So instead of leaving this morning as planned, we extended our stay at Mom’s another day.

That was good because today was Hope’s birthday and we got to celebrate it with her.  Mom cooked  us a fish and shrimp seafood feast  (with carrot cake and strawberry cake).  Her fish and shrimp are better than any I’ve ever had in a restaurant, and we did it justice.

Since the weekend is approaching, we grabbed the last available reservation at Stephen Foster Memorial State Park and will stay there for three days.  Then after the weekend, we’ll head South and take our chances on finding a decent campsite.




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