Bunnies are Safe Here

Late today, uncharacteristically, Sheba began insistently barking.  I finally went outside to see what was causing all the commotion.

Over in the corner of the yard was a young bunny, munching on grass, calmly ignoring both dogs who were  barking their heads off at it from the deck.  Sunny didn’t see the bunny. He was just barking because Sheba was barking, so he figured he should, too.

Once I came outside, though, Sheba got brave, tore off the deck and chased the bunny into the woods.  What a dog!  😀

I have almost everything packed in the Casita except the refrigerator foods.  Tomorrow I’ll wash the trailer, and we plan to leave for Mississippi Saturday.

Ron will take the truck back to the Chevy dealer again tomorrow to see if they can fix the electrical problems with the 7 pin plug.  After they worked on it last time, the running lights burned very brightly for about an hour, then they all blew.  The bulbs were completely blackened.  Now the new bulbs don’t work at all.  Also, it’s not charging the trailer battery when we tow.  But the brake lights and turn signals work.

Sure hope they can get it right this time!

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